Leading D&D Organizations & Programs

The organizations listed on these pages are all pioneers in the dialogue & deliberation community. We created the categories below to help you find what you are looking for. Some organizations are listed under more than one category.

NCDD counts on its members and visitors to let us know whether we've made a mistake or omitted an organization or program that should be here.

Leaders of 3 pioneering organizations: Martha McCoy of the Study Circles Resource Center, Sandy Heierbacher of NCDD and Tonya Gonzales of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium.

Organizations to Contact

Groups that readily provide materials, assistance or answers to anyone who contacts them

Process Leaders

Pioneers of a specific D&D model or technique

Movement Builders

Groups that have intentionally helped unite, develop and expand the D&D community

Communities of Practice

Groups that have created dynamic learning communities of practitioners and/or scholars

High-Tech Pioneers

Programs that have broken ground using technology for either face-to-face or online D&D

Research Institutions

Leading organizations that are conducting research and developing theory on dialogue and deliberation

Service Providers

Groups that provide fee-based service for clients

Innovative Dialogue & Deliberation Programs

While not pioneering a particular model, these long- and short-term D&D programs are making an impact on communities


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