Community Change & Activism Links

The Center for Community Change

CCC helps low-income people improve their communities and change policies and institutions that affect their lives by developing their own strong organizations. CCC helps people to develop the skills and resources they need to improve their communities as well as change policies and institutions that adversely affect their lives.


Changemakers, an initiative of Ashoka - Innovators for the Public, focuses on the rapidly growing world of social entrepreneurship by providing inspiration, resources, and opportunities for those interested in social change throughout the world. Includes the vast Changemakers Library, which offers a plethora of social change tools and resources, categorized under such topics as Effective Governance, Children/Youth and Conflict Mediation & Resolution.

Housing Activist News from Across the Nation

A great resource for people organizing for safe, affordable housing. The Housing America site provides examples of successful housing activism, facts on the housing crisis, and a means for publicizing your housing-related action. Housing America also provides twice-monthly housing updates gleaned from thousands of sources to help inspire and inform activists.

IGC Internet

The nonprofit Institute for Global Communications (IGC) offers activists in the areas of peace, environmentalism, feminism, and anti-racism a place on the Internet to learn, meet, and organize. Or go directly to the AntiRacismNet at

Initiatives of Change

Initiatives of Change is an international network open to people of all cultures, nationalities, religions and beliefs, who work towards change, locally and globally, by starting with change in their own lives. Founded in the 1930s as Moral Re-Armament, Initiatives of Change supports such programs as Hope in the Cities and Agenda for Reconciliation.

National Organizers Alliance

NOA's mission is to advance progressive organizing for social, economic and environmental justice and to sustain, support and nurture the people of all ages who do it. Their members are organizers who are responsible to a defined constituency and who help build that constituency through leadership development, collective action and the development of democratic structures.

Pioneers of Change

Pioneers of Change is an emerging global learning community of committed, young people in their 20's and early 30's, from diverse cultural, social, and professional backgrounds.

Pop Sustainability, Inc.

Pop Sustainability has created a global youth culture campaign to promote a more humane, ecologically sound and economically just society through the arts, Internet and live events. By using the industries of popular culture, the means of mass media and the modern codes of advertising, Pop Sustainability is selling an ethic of awareness and personal responsibility to people to effect positive change. Pop Sustainability intends to build momentum to become a worldwide social movement.

Southern Catalyst Network

SCN is a regional alliance devoted to combating prejudice and bigotry in the Deep South. SCN links activists and organizations working to promote democratic values and organizing against prejudice and hatred. Their website is designed as an information clearinghouse for activists and provides a wide range of material that can be used by progressive non-profits to strengthen their work for social justice. SCN offers free resources and materials such as a newsletter highlighting models of effective social justice organizing and an on-line newsletter highlighting diversity resources and news items.

This site provides U.S. Americans with information about important issues and the opportunity to react to them by contacting decision makers. The site provides chats and debates, online surveys, and petitions.

United for a Fair Economy

Founded in 1994, United For a Fair Economy is a Boston-based independent national nonprofit organization that spotlights the growing economic divide. UFE has illustrated the economic divide in dramatic and funny ways, such as appearing at Steve Forbes' presidential announcement with signs saying "Billionaires for Forbes - Because inequality isn't growing fast enough." One of the most ground-breaking projects of UFE is Responsible Wealth, a network of business people, investors, and other affluent people in the top 5% of income or wealth, who challenge the policies that favor wealthy people like themselves.


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