Online Dialogue & Deliberation

Caf? Utne

In 1991, the Utne Reader, an alternative press magazine, led with an article on Salons, online and face-to-face forums which foster conversation, connection, engagement, and community involvement. The organization was bombarded with interest from readers to start salons and 10 years and 500 salons later, they continue to sponsor neighborhood face-to-face conversations, as well as online conversations.

Dialogue Webpage for Conflicts Worldwide

DWDC is a forum for 'online dialogue,' which aims to contribute to the improvement of mutual understanding between opposing sides of conflict throughout the world. Produced by the Japan Center for Preventive Diplomacy.


Beginning with the premise that democracy is a conversation, e-thePeople describes itself as "the digital town hall for the nation." In cooperation with over 1000 sites around the internet, e-thePeople promotes intelligent and diverse discussion and political action.


GroupJazz supports the work of groups whether they are meeting face to face or on-line. Founder Lisa Kimball believes that "great groups make great things happen" and utilizes the word Jazz as a metaphor for collaboration.

Information Renaissance

Founded in 1996, this nonprofit corporation promotes the use of the internet to support the public interest through online dialogue and other processes. Information Renaissance enables citizens to participate more fully in the democratic process by improving access and fostering meaningful, high-level, interactive exchanges between informed members of the public and their government.

Making the Net Work

A joint UK-US initiative, Making The Net Work provides resources and ideas for organizations and neighborhoods developing online communities or creating local technology centers.

Minnesota E-Democracy

Minnesota E-Democracy is a non-partisan citizen-based organization whose mission is to improve participation in democracy in Minnesota through the use of information networks and communication technologies. Minnesota E-Democracy was established in 1994 and created the world's first election-oriented website. They sponsor election-year online partnerships to promote citizen access to election information and interaction. Their year-round focus is on the use of the Internet to improve citizen participation and real world governance through online discussions and information and knowledge exchange.


Politalk is a nonpartisan forum for moderated e-mail discussions on important social and political topics of the day. Politalk was founded in 1999 as a response to the often shallow ranting that seems to dominate so many internet discussions. Poliltalk hoped to distinguish itself in three ways: by focusing on only one topic at a time for a limited period of time (2-4 weeks); by having an active moderator to keep the discussion on topic and civil; and by inviting guest commentators to add depth to the discussions. Politalk plans and hosts online events and forums, and provides consultation, workshops and training sessions.

The Table

The Table, or TT, is a free-for-all m ?lange of ideas, comments, and images. Run by an international group that claims TT is the only ongoing online (David) Bohm Dialogue, TT encourages people to contribute to the dialogue by writing or sending pictures, movies or sounds... ?as in Bohm Dialogue: there are no rules, anythinkg goes.?

Web Lab

This non-profit organization is dedicated to developing innovative Web-based projects that bring fresh perspectives and new voices to the discussion of public issues. The goal of the organization is to use the Web as a positive, transformative force in people's lives and in society at large.


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