Youth Dialogue & Deliberation


18-35 is a newly-formed national, non-partisan, multi-ideological organization dedicated to giving young adults a credible voice in policy-making. The mission of 18-35 is to infuse national policy debates with an innovative and young perspective and to engage young adults in these debates. Beginning in September 2003, 18-35 is challenging a select group of "up-and-coming" and "already-there" young adults to think across partisan and ideological lines to develop new, creative, effective solutions to critical social and economic problems. In addition to a broad dissemination effort geared to policy-makers, the media and the general public, 18-35 will convene on-line and off-line deliberations across the country that bring together young adults and elected officials.


A program of the Ludwick Family Foundation, Arsalyn promotes constructive dialogue between groups with diverse viewpoints as well as the sharing of models and methods. Arsalyn has been convening a series of regional conferences geared toward helping young people ? especially politically active youth - develop skills that will help them communicate effectively with those of opposing views or with more lukewarm potential allies without alienating them or poisoning the wells of deliberation and common action. The aim of these conferences: to explore of the art of political deliberation and to apply this art in "bridging the partisan divide."

At The Table

Connect with others, share information, and help build the worldwide movement for youth participation at this online clearinghouse featuring everything you need to know about effectively involving youth in your organization and community. Hosted by the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development.

Mix It Up

Launched in November 2002, the Study Circles Resource Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center's ?Mix It Up? campaign helps young people identify, question and cross social boundaries in their schools and communities. Hundreds of thousands of students in thousands of schools have taken the challenge to sit with someone new during ?Mix It Up At Lunch Day.? Students and teachers are welcome to order the free ?Mix It Up? handbook, Reaching Across Boundaries: Talk to Create Change.

National Youth Employment Coalition

NYEC provides the Voices of Diversity Dialogue Guide (2002) to assist schools and program staff in facilitating dialogues on institutional racism with young people.

Project 540

Project 540 is an innovative program which has given over 100,000 students nationwide the opportunity to engage in dialogue about issues that matter to them and to turn these conversations into real school and community change. Funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and administered by Providence College, Project 540 has conducted student-led dialogues in nearly 250 high schools, asking students what issues matter most to them in their schools, communities, nation, and world.

Project Adventure

Project Adventure provides a hands-on guide called Please Talk with Me: A Guide to Teen-Adult Dialogue (1990) to help people run 'Dialogue Nights' - sessions that encourage teens and adults to listen and learn from each other. $14.95. Dialogue Nights have been used successfully with a wide range of adult/adolescent groups.


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