Resources for Addressing Current Issues

We will continually be developing and expanding this important feature. If you feel that a resource is missing from one of these pages, or want to help us assemble additional pages on specific topics, please email us at or use our Ideas & Suggestions Form.

About this resource?

Until now, it has been difficult to find a good variety of resources that are available to help one lead a deliberative dialogue on a specific issue. If a practitioner wanted to explore her options for dialogue guides addressing police/community relations, for example, she may have been more likely to select one of the first guides she found online than to spend hours searching the web for other options - some of which may meet her community's needs better.

This constantly-growing feature organizes hundreds of resources according to issue. We have selected issues or topics that are commonly and effectively addressed through dialogue and deliberation. Clicking on each topic above opens a new page which lists resources, programs and links for addressing that topic through D&D and related efforts. This includes dialogue guides, factual background information on the topic, and details about organizations experienced in organizing deliberative dialogues on the topic. We may also provide contacts for media representatives who are interested in finding out about D&D programs (and their outcomes) on each topic.

If you think another topic should be included in this resource, and especially if you'd like to help gather the resources to be added, please email us at to let us know.


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