Sample Ground Rules for D&D Processes

Facilitators of dialogic and deliberative processes often develop their own standard set of ground rules which they suggest groups adopt or modify to meet their needs.

Below are samples of ground rules from organizations which represent various streams of D&D practice. Use this list to get new ideas for ground rules or to show a variety of sets of ground rules to facilitators you are training.

?2001 by Elana Stanger.

The World Caf?

Caf? Etiquette

The University of New Mexico - Education Outreach Online Training

Talking Circle Rules

The three main rules of the Talking Circle are:

Each Circle develops its own rules during the first meeting, and everyone in the group agrees to abide by them. Some typical rules are:

Study Circle Resource Center (SCRC)

Ground Rules

California Education Dialogue (online dialogue)

Rules of the Road

Public Conversations Project (PCP)

Sample Agreements for Dialogue

Conversation Caf?

Agreements/principles to guide the conversations

Teaching Democracy

Online Deliberation Guidelines

From the Four Directions (Meg Wheatley's Program)

Principles to emphasize before a formal conversation process begins

University of Michigan Intergroup Dialogue Program

Multicultural Ground Rules

National Issues Forums

Ground Rules


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