Resources for Teachers and Trainers

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Materials for Teachers & Trainers

A variety of categorized books, handbooks and guides about dialogue and deliberation in schools and on campuses, multicultural education and teaching for social justice, teacher education, building intercultural competence, improving intergroup relations, and conflict resolution in schools.

Artwork that reflects and fosters dialogue about diversity issues. ?2003 by Elana Stanger.

Resources for K-12 Educators

Links to online teacher communities, free resources you can download, online tests you and your students can take, top sites for educators, and more.

Resources for D&D Leaders at Colleges & Universities

Links to resource-packed websites designed for educators, to course lists and syllabi, to tools you can download, and more.

D&D Programs at Colleges & Universities

A listing of higher education programs that emphasize dialogic and deliberative techniques and principles.


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