Understanding Dialogue & Deliberation

People who are involved in dialogue and deliberation often swear by different models and techniques, use different terminology, support different resources, and emphasize, strive for and obtain different outcomes. Are our similarities greater than our differences? These resources should help you decide that for yourself.

Beginner's Guide to Dialogue & Deliberation

New to dialogue & deliberation, or new to the D&D community? This is the place to start.

What are Dialogue & Deliberation, and What is their Relationship to Each Other?

Numerous definitions of dialogue and deliberation are listed on this page, as quoted by leading organizations and individuals in the D&D community. Also on this page is Sandy Heierbacher's take on the relationship between dialogue and deliberation.

Why Do Dialogue & Deliberation Matter?

Leaders in the field are quoted on this page about their views on the impact and importance of dialogue and deliberation.

Tools of the Trade

The must-have books of our field, spanning the spectrum of practice. If you haven't read these fabulous works, you should at least be familiar with many of them.

An Open Space fosters democratic decision-making in Haiti. OS is one of over a dozen models described in the Models & Techniques feature.

Models & Techniques (new!)

Detailed descriptions of leading dialogue and deliberation models. Specific information about what circumstances the models are best suited for is included whenever possible.

Quotes Related to Dialogue & Deliberation (new!)

There are infinite uses for the quotes we've compiled about Dialogue, Deliberation, Listening, Communication, Knowledge, Conflict, Inclusion, Democracy and Action. Over 100 quotes to inspire and inform!

Quick Reference Glossary

The D&D community is comprised of so many different streams of practice, each utilizing different terminology and encouraging the use of particular models. Definitions of over 100 key terms related to dialogue and deliberation are provided here.

Categorizing the Practice

A working document outlining some of the major streams of dialogic and deliberative practice: Arts-Based Civic Dialogue; Collective Inquiry; Community Building and Social Action; Conflict Transformation and Peace-Building; Critical-Dialogic Education; Deliberative Democracy; Online Dialogue & Deliberation.


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