AmericaSpeaks' 21st Century Town Meeting

The following text was submitted to NCDD by Lars Torres, Researcher at AmericaSpeaks.

What is AmericaSpeaks? 21st Century Town Meeting?

3,000 Washington, DC residents came together to develop the city?’s budget at an AmericaSpeaks 21st Century Town Meeting in November 2003.

AmericaSpeaks? 21st Century Town Meeting? creates engaging, meaningful opportunities for citizens to participate in public decision making. This unique process updates the traditional New England town meeting to address the needs of today?s citizens, decision makers and democracy.

The 21st Century Town Meeting focuses on discussion and deliberation among citizens rather than speeches, question-and-answer sessions or panel presentations. Diverse groups of citizens participate in round-table discussions (10-12 people per table), deliberating in depth about key policy, resource allocation or planning issues. Each table discussion is supported by a trained facilitator to ensure that participants stay on task and that each table has a democratic process. Participants receive detailed, balanced background discussion guides to increase their knowledge of the issues under consideration.

Technology transforms the individual table discussions into synthesized recommendations representative of the whole room. Each table submits ideas using wireless groupware computers and each participant can vote on specific proposals using a polling keypad. The entire group responds to the strongest themes generated from table discussions and votes on final recommendations to decision makers. Before the meeting ends, results from the meeting are compiled into a report, which is distributed to participants, decision makers and the media as they leave. Decision makers actively engage in the meeting by participating in table discussions, observing the process and responding to citizen input at the end of the meeting.

A snapshot of the "Theme Team" at work compiling and analyzing incoming data during the AmericaSpeaks-run plenary at the 2002 NCDD conference.

The 21st Century Town Meeting marks a dramatic departure from traditional public engagement methods, such as public hearings. Compared to traditional methods, the 21st Century Town Meeting is responsive, transparent, and empowering for citizens, community leaders and elected officials.

Under what kinds of circumstances is the model most successful or appropriate?

AmericaSpeaks has extensive experience applying the 21st Century Town Meeting in the areas of policy-making, agenda setting, planning and budgeting. The 21st Century Town Meeting is ideally suited to policy-making climates in which decision-makers actively seek policy advice on real issues impacting the quality of live for citizens. For citizens who want to participate and decision makers who want to engage their constituents, the 21st Century Town Meeting provides the following benefits:

More about AmericaSpeaks

Since 1997, AmericaSpeaks has conducted forty-five 21st Century Town Meetings in 31 states around the country and in the District of Columbia. Meetings have addressed local, state and national decisions on issues ranging from social security reform to regional planning.

Our nationally recognized projects include ?Listening to the City,? an effort engaging the public on the World Trade Center redevelopment process; Mayor Anthony A. Williams? ?Citizen Summit,? a strategic planning process in Washington, DC; and ?Americans Discuss Social Security,? a ground-breaking national dialogue on the future of Social Security.

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