Coming Soon?

Hi folks!

The section of the NCDD website you were looking for is not available.

On September 18th, we began the process of updating, expanding and migrating our website,, to a new server. As of October 1st, we had finished the initial migration, setting up a brand new main section ? anchored by our Community News & Perspectives blog ? launched the beta test of our new Learning Exchange and began the process of rebuilding the other sections of our site.

Many areas of this site will remain offline for a few more weeks, but we expect the switch to new servers and new software will be complete by November 1st at which time we will begin rebuilding our site.

The process of relaunching should be completed by March 2007.

If you are looking for a particular piece of information or want to join NCDD, please contact us at .

Update: Organization events in November have distracted us a bit from the website, but we continue to add and tweak and redesign. The transfer to a new server went very well and we will still be re-launching most of our site for the New Year, but we expect to be dealing with loose ends well into January 2007. We appreciate your patience and Happy Holidays!


Searching for Resources?

Although our resources will also be offline, you can still access them using Google's caching feature. Use the Google Search Form below to search for its resources. Instead of clicking on the resulting links, select the word Cached found on the last line of each search result. Although not always relaible, it will give you a way to find information that was on our site prior to this change.


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