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Hi, everyone! Hope the summer is treating you well. Here is some of the latest news from NCDD and the dialogue & deliberation community...

Obama, Public Engagement and the D&D Community

With the transition to a new presidential administration that focused its campaign on getting people involved in government, 2009 has been a whirlwind year of unprecedented opportunity and possibility for the dialogue and deliberation community and all those working in public engagement.

I recently spent some time writing up a summary of all of this year's goings-ons related to Obama, Public Engagement and the D&D Community. It covers Obama's open government memo and subsequent happenings, the creation of the Public Engagement Principles, the Office of Public Engagement, the Champions of Participation meetings, the Agenda for Strengthening our Nation's Democracy, and the current Democracy Communications Network topic (which I invite you all to get involved with!).

It includes dates, links to press releases, etc., so I think it's a great reference as well as a great reminder of all that's happened so far this year.

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Not Too Late to Endorse the Core Principles for Public Engagement

This spring, NCDD, IAP2 and the Co-Intelligence Institute led a dynamic, collaborative online process aimed at developing a set of Core Principles for Public Engagement that most people and organizations in this field can support. Many dozens of practitioners and leading organizations contributed to the creation of the Core Principles -- and many more endorsed the Principles in an extraordinary show of support. Visit the Core Principles webpage to see the growing list of organizational and individuals endorsers and to see the Core Principles. And let me know if we should add your name or your organization's name to our exceptional list of endorsements!

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New Framework on Goals and Impacts of Dialogue & Deliberation

Public Agenda just released four great new publications, downloadable free from I was particularly struck by the publication by (NCDD member) Martin Carcasson: Beginning with the End in Mind: A Call for Goal-Driven Deliberative Practice, which offers a practical framework to help practitioners systematically consider both their short-term and long-term goals and the strategies that will set them up for success.

I was inspired by Martin's work to create a graphic that expands on the "Goals of Deliberation" figure in his paper slightly (with his blessing and involvement) to include dialogue work that focuses on relationship building and conflict resolution. I also just added a post to the blog with more explanation, which is at

I think the goals framework has the potential to create some much-needed clarity about the work we're all doing, and why we're doing it. It's basically a powerfully simple articulation of a theory of change for this work, and I think we can/should all consider embracing it. Please add comments to my blog post about the framework and let me know what you think!

Check out the "Goals of Deliberation" graphic: uploads/2009/07/ddgoals_graphic_full.jpg

CSC to Support Public Engagement Efforts in CA

NCDD member Pete Peterson wants to make sure those of you in CA know about this one.... Common Sense California just announced the re-launch of its unique citizen engagement grant program for 2009, offering thousands of dollars to California municipalities, school districts and non-profits in support of their efforts to involve residents in local policy-making. Grants will range from $1,000 to $7,500.

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Huffington Post Article on Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Dialogue

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Can Work Together, a piece by Public Conversations Project Associate Mary Jacksteit shares two examples of pro-choice and pro-life activists using dialogue to defuse tension and reduce violence. Our friends at the Public Conversations Project (an NCDD organizational member) ask that you read the story, add a comment to the post, and send this link out to your family, friends and colleagues.

Article: the-buffalo-case-pro-life_b_215067.html

Call for Proposals for 2009 Canadian Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

Our sister organization, the Canadian Community for Dialogue & Deliberation, is holding its third national conference this fall. C2D2 2009 will take place October 22-25 in Toronto, Ontario, and early registration ends on July 31st. Registration is currently $393.75 CAD with taxes, and the rate will increase $100 CAD beginning in August.

Proposals are due July 31st for concurrent sessions, field visits, marketplace showcases, and night-cap dialogues. Proposals should fall under four broad areas: leading change, conversations, stronger communities, and healthier democracies. Youth are especially encouraged to share the innovative and impactful work they're doing.

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NCDD Discount for IAP2 2009

The International Association for Public Participation's annual conference is taking place in San Diego, CA this September 21-23. NCDD is an official "Partner" of the conference, and dues-paying members of NCDD save $100 on the registration fee; just be sure to enter the code NCDD on the online registration form!

I am co-presenting the morning-long plenary session on the last day of the conference, with my friends Myriam Laberge and Brenda Chaddock of the Masterful Facilitation Institute. This practitioner keynote and plenary session, titled "Dare to Dream! Exploring a New Era of Public Engagement," will explore one of our field's most pressing challenges: how do we make public engagement more integral to our systems?

We're also holding an informal networking meeting for NCDD members before the Core Values Awards gala on the evening of Monday, September 21st. Let me know if you'll be there! (Email me at .)

Register or Learn More:

Discount for "Engaging the Other" Conference

The 4th Annual Engaging the Other Conference will take place November 12-15 in San Francisco, California. NCDD is co-sponsoring the conference along with the Common Bond Institute and International Humanistic Psychology Association. The conference is international, multidisciplinary, and multicultural, examining concepts of "The OTHER" from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about images of "Us and Them."

Dues-paying NCDD members pay $290 rather than $350 for the early rate.

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New PACE Report on How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) has released a great new report called The New Laboratories of Democracy: How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement. Mike McGrath from the National Civic League authored the report, which can be downloaded from the PACE website (below).

The PACE report details the innovative methods local governments around the country are using to increase civic engagement by the public. "Local governments are at the cutting edge of finding new tools and methods to increase civic engagement in this country. We hope this report will stimulate new thinking within the philanthropic community, as well as in local governments around the country, and help spread the word about these new and successful approaches," said Chris Gates, Executive Director of PACE.

PDF Report: NewLaboratoriesofDemocracy.pdf

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