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The Change Management Toolbook includes a broad range of tools, methods and strategies which you can apply during different stages of personal, team and organizational development, in training, facilitation and consulting. It is based on the wealth of tools and principles that have been provided by Kurt Lewin, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge, Arie de Geus, Robert Dilts, Virgina Satir, Bert Hellinger, Harrison Owen, David Cooperrider, Marvin Weisbord, Steve de Shazer – just to name a few – and many other great teachers.

Our group is constantly developing and testing new tools and new application forms of the established methodologies. We work world-wide, cross-sectoral and our clients cover private business, public service and development agencies and NGOs.

The Change Management Toolbook is divided in three principal sections: Self, Team and Larger System.

We publish a free monthly newsletter with additional Change Management tools. It is currently read by 5,000 people in more than 160 countries of the world.

Recently, we have conducted a survey on Change Management involving more than 500 resource persons. This survey is now available for download. It contains background information on more than 50 Change Management methodologies and future scenarios for Change Management practitioners.

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