Assessing Deliberation: Setting the Agenda, Implementing Policy, and Outcomes new

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Lisa-Marie Napoli, Ph.D., Becky Nesbit and Lisa Blomgren Bingham.  


This 20-slide PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of research conducted on multiple AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meetings. The goal of the study was to examine the relationship of the deliberation event to the policy process. The researchers concluded that 21st Century Town Meeting agendas are citizen-driven; that citizens and and client organizations need more clarity up front about the relationship between the forum and the policy process; and that impacts will depend on follow through, and right now there is limited evidence of government making concrete use of the plans or agendas from the meetings.

This PowerPoint was used at the workshop entitled "Collaborative Governance in Local Government: Choosing Practice Models and Assessing Experience" given by Terry Amsler, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, and Malka Kopell at the 2006 NCDD Conference.

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