Dialogue Guide and Workbook for “Afraid of the Dark” new

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Gwendolyn Grant and Jim Myers. 2000.


Gwendolyn Grant of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City created this dialogue guide and workbook to accompany Jim Myers’ groundbreaking book “Afraid of the Dark: What Whites and Blacks Need to Know About Each Other.” According to Grant, “Afraid of the Dark defines with such clarity and simplicity so many of the issues that have created this gulf between blacks and whites. It brings to the forefront the stuff that we talk about within our black and white circles, but seldom, if ever across the color line.” Grant distributed this 12-page resource during her well-received workshop at the 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco.

Gwendolyn Grant's workshop at the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation was titled "Honest Talk About Race – Afraid of the Dark Reading & Dialogue Circle." Here is the workshop description:

Race lies at the center of many aspects of American life, yet it is difficult to talk about race in ways that bridge the gulf between African Americans and Caucasians. In light of recent events such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and rape charges filed against the Duke University Lacrosse Team, it is increasingly apparent that blacks and whites view things so differently, but seldom engage in dialogue about those differences in constructive and productive ways, especially when talking about education, crime, and law enforcement. Afraid of the Dark Reading & Dialogue Circles create a safe environment for authentic and candid dialogue that advances racial understanding in ways that diversity workshops cannot. With inquiry and dialogue, participants will learn how to use Afraid of the Dark Dialogue Circles to improve relationships across the color line and work more effectively to address many of the social challenges that face us.

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