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Please complete this application form to join as an organizational member of NCDD. Payment options for the $100 annual membership dues will be presented after you submit this form.


As an organizational member of NCDD, up to three people from your organization can be listed on the NCDD website. They can be staff, board members, interns, or volunteers – your choice. These other two contacts are also eligible for all of the great discounts listed at, so we encourage you to take advantage of this option.

Main Contact:

Contact Two:

Contact Three:

Administrative Contact

Who at your organization should we contact about administrative matters, like membership dues payments? Please enter their name below (and their title and email address as well if they are not one of your three contacts above).

NCDD Involvement:

NCDD Discussion List

All contacts for our organizational members are added to the main NCDD Discussion listserv, unless you tell us to do otherwise. This active listserv provides you with a great way to quickly get advice, find facilitators, and discuss issues and challenges you’re facing in your work. Let us know if any of the contacts listed above should NOT be added to the listserv.

Regional Listservs

Currently, NCDD runs regional listservs for those working in dialogue and deliberation in and around Boston, Northern California, Colorado, Austin, Cascadia, and the DC metro area. The lists help people network and share information locally. Let us know here if any of your contacts should NOT be added to relevant regional listservs.

NCDD’s National Conferences

All NCDD events are planned collaboratively, and you are welcome to get involved. If you or any of the other contacts for your organization would like to help plan future NCDD events, type your names below.

NCDD’s Mentorship Program

NCDD has been piloting our new mentorship program, and we will soon launch a full program. Please let us know if any of the contacts for your organization would like to be involved as either a more experienced mentor or a mentee who is new to dialogue and deliberation.

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