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Membership dues for individuals is only $50 a year. If you cannot join at this level, we still welcome you to join and donate what you can to help us keep NCDD going strong. Dues-paying members are eligible for all of the discounts listed at Payment and donation options will be presented after you submit this form.

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All NCDD members are added to the main NCDD Discussion listserv, unless you opt out. This active listserv provides you with a great way to quickly get advice, find facilitators, and discuss issues and challenges you’re facing in your work. We highly recommend you subscribe!

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Currently, NCDD runs regional listservs for those working in dialogue and deliberation in and around Boston, Northern California, Colorado, Austin, Cascadia, and the DC metro area. The lists help people network and share information locally. If we have a listserv for D&Ders; in your region, would you like to be added to it?

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Our conferences are planned collaboratively, and you are welcome to get involved.

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NCDD has been piloting our new mentorship program, and we will soon launch a full program. Would you like to be involved as either a more experienced mentor or a mentee who is newer to dialogue and deliberation?

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