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Engaging the Other bannerThe 4th Annual International Conference on “Engaging The OTHER:” The Power of Compassion is taking place November 12-15 in San Mateo, California (outside San Francisco), and we encourage all NCDDers interested in conflict resolution and intergroup relations to attend! NCDD is co-sponsoring this event with the Common Bond Institute and the International Humanistic Psychology Association, and registration will be discounted for NCDD members ($290 rather than $350 for the early rate).

Learn more about submitting your proposal for a concurrent session (workshop), and/or email Steve Olweean at [email protected] to sign up as a dialogue group facilitator.

Engaging The OTHER is an innovative interdisciplinary conference examining concepts of “The Other” from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about concepts of “Us and Them.”

The 3-day ETO program schedule is composed of concurrent sessions, plenary panels, facilitated topical dialogue groups, and intentional community experiences, as well as evening social/cultural events to relax and recreate with one another. Presentations are multidisciplinary and focus on issues related to concepts and experiences of The Other, including dynamics of identity, fear-based belief systems, negative stereotypes, prejudice, polarization, and forming enemy images.

Join us at this extraordinary international conference to address the roots of fear-based belief systems and negative stereotypes, prejudice, polarization, enemy images, and artificial barriers of misunderstanding and distrust that divide us. Engage in 3 days of focused, facilitated dialogue, bridging the divide and cultivating our capacity for reconciliation, appreciation of diversity, and peace.

Overall Goals of the Conference are to:

– Raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues. The conference examines dimensions and dynamics of “The OTHER” on individual and group levels, and considers how enemy identity is formed, perpetuated, and manipulated – including fear-based belief systems, negative stereotypes, projection, prejudice, and scapegoating.

– Identify and compile fundamental questions, dilemmas, and implications for further deep inquiry and examination in an expanding public dialogue, and to challenge embedded negative belief systems that promote adversarial perceptions of the “The Other.”

– Tap our shared wisdom, compassion, and responsibility as a community – from the local to the global – in developing practical applications. Participants are encouraged to develop and share practical recommendations and strategies for applying results to the current state of local and world relationships to promote increased understanding, sensitivity, and compassion as a means of countering and neutralizing hostility, particularly inter-group hostility.

– Create Networking Opportunities to promote collaboration and action planning.

– Formulate findings and products to make available to all – through publications, media, the Internet, training programs, networks, dialogue groups, etc.

For full details on the program, registration, fees, hotel, and more, visit www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_ETO.htm or contact:

Common Bond Institute
Details at Website: www.cbiworld.org
Steve Olweean, Director, Conference Coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA
Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393
Email: [email protected]

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