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NCDD is a Partner of Awakening Global Action: Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom & Dialogue for a Transforming World, an intergenerational, multicultural gathering in Ubud, Bali July 31 through August 7, 2007. The conference, run by the Bali Institute for Global Renewal, will feature world renowned speakers, facilitators and indigenous wisdom leaders from Africa, Indonesia, North America, Australia, Thailand, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Peru and more.

Bali Institute for Global Renewal (BIGR) is the first world learning center that engages multicultural leadership and facilitation training, deep dialogue, indigenous wisdom, global consciousness, intergenerational activism and other action-oriented skills and training that empowers individuals, groups and organizations in their quest to make a difference in the world. BIGR includes a consortium of international organizations, corporations, NGOs, universities, thought leaders and consultants who are invested in advancing new forms of leadership training, intergenerational collaboration, nonviolent conflict resolution and social activism as part of a worldview that promotes a sustainable, humane and culturally-diverse life for all.

In 2007, BIGR will be hosting its third gathering in Ubud, Bali on August 1st through 7th. Up to 500 people of all ages will come together from around the world at Awakening Global Action for an unforgettable experience of leadership training, Balinese wisdom learning, and hands-on practicum experience all designed to enhance actions to be taken back in their own communities. The program is being designed by several international consultants using similar training models found in corporate settings that inspire transformative thinking and results-oriented actions.

Individuals of all ages (18-80+) are invited to participate in an extraordinary gathering designed to offer cutting-edge leadership training, deep listening, shared experiences and collaborative cross-cultural learning that promises to shape your future as a committed global citizen.

In the midst of major world challenges, something profound is being reborn—a recognition that ordinary people with concern, vision and commitment can make significant contributions to transforming the planet.

This all-new seven day program provides personal dialogue with world leaders and global change agents. You will receive individualized leadership and facilitation training, practicum experiences in remote areas of Bali, specialized small group pods focused on particular social issues and much more. At the end of our time together, participants leave with a toolbox of new insights, growth and clarity in moving ahead with personal initiatives that matter, along with a global network of ongoing team support.

This gathering is carefully designed for those wanting to engage with a collective of multigenerational, multicultural individuals who share a common bond of wanting to help shift the direction of our global future. More than 1,000 people have attended our previous QUEST FOR GLOBAL HEALING Conferences from over 40 countries. Hundreds of people are now more actively engaged as change agents because of their experiences at our events.

Here is a unique opportunity for personal and collective change that will reverberate around the world. Participants come from across the globe and will be offering shared concerns and deep-felt commitments to make a difference. Cutting-edge leadership and facilitation training will be offered by world-renown leaders and experts along with integrative tools for deep listening and quiet reflection. This program is committed to helping all participants strengthen their capacity to become effective leaders around their own vision for change. In addition, everyone will go home with a global support and resource network that enhances their ability to stay consciously global as they create changes on a local level.

What’s in it for you?

  • Acquire skills and confidence of authentic leadership
  • Become a catalyst for an emerging global mindset that speaks to a multigenerational world
  • Be empowered as a skilled change agent with new skills and capacities
  • Plug into a new network of global leaders, resources and support to sustain your efforts and focus
  • Obtain facilitation and dialogue coaching to promote conversations that matter in your own communities
  • Be immersed in an indigenous culture that will enhance a deeper understanding of your self and the world you live in
  • Experience practicum service work in different locations around Bali
  • Meet a globally-diverse hosting team that will become part of your global family
  • Receive concrete plans for your committed initiatives

What you can expect to take home

This gathering aims to bridge the gap between personal desires for change and an actual implementation plan for committed action. Our flexible program design will allow participants to become clear about their own visions that help drive their initiatives. Also, ample time will be available to help consider the initial planning phases to get ideas off the ground. All participants will be in collaborative teams throughout the gathering, creating a network that will give additional support needed to keep them grounded, focused and motivated for success when they return home. Plans are under way to provide an ongoing infrastructure with some of the partnering organizations to provide tools and resources to help solidify participants’ committed actions. The leadership training provided at the gathering are proven techniques that can be used in committed action plans developed at this gathering. Participants will leave with the confidence to use many of the dialogic methods in their workplace, schools, or other social settings.

Highlights of the Gathering

  • Workshops offered on numerous topics related to activism and global healing
  • Time for massages, long walks, Balinese healer sessions and more
  • Spectacular reception by the Ubud Royal Family
  • Innovative leadership and facilitation training by world experts
  • Numerous optional evening activities
  • Dinners with local Balinese villagers and leaders
  • Balinese and Indonesian performances unseen by most tourists
  • Practicum field work in remote areas of Bali
  • Evening dialogue and reflection time in small gatherings around Ubud
  • Poetry slam and other performances and live readings in local jazz cafés
  • Presentations from global leaders, local Balinese, and individuals making a difference in the world!

More about the “Pods”

Delegates will be asked when registering to select one of five pods that reflect their special interest. Pod communities will meet on day 2 and 3 of the program for leadership training and skill-building discussions focused on the social issue topics. The pods are…

  • Transformative Education, Social & Political Leadership
  • Language of the Soul: Spirituality, Healing, Medicine, and
  • Indigenous Wisdom
  • Media as Activism: Media, Film, Journalism, Performance and Visual Arts
  • Global World of Business and Nonprofits
  • Deep Ecology, Environment and Sustainability Advocacy

For more info, go to the conference website, at You can also call 1-866-458-2254 or send an email to [email protected]. And be sure to check out the conference video at

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