2007 C2D2 Conference    

Inspired by NCDD’s first conference in 2002, the Canadian Community for Dialogue & Deliberation (C2D2) is having its second conference November 12-14, 2007 (with post-conference trainings on the 15th and 16th) in Vancouver, British Columbia. The conference will take place at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University and at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

Registration is now open, so be sure to register before June 30th to receive the early bird rate of $375 Canadian (the fee increases $100 on July 1st, and an additional $100 if you wait until October).

The theme for C2D2 2007 is “Facing Complex Issues Together,” and participants will focus on the stories of dialogue and deliberation efforts initiated by local governments, community organizations, school boards, and provincial and federal agencies. These narratives will inspire and illuminate lessons about: how to (and how not to) organize these projects; how to measure their impacts; and how they prove (or disprove) theoretical claims about dialogue and deliberation.

We will explore the extent to which these efforts:

  • Generate collaborative action on the global and local issues of our times
  • Facilitate better informed, balanced decisions by citizens and policymakers
  • Overcome conflict and increased understanding
  • Develop collective insight and intelligence
  • Encourage citizens to be actively involved in their communities

Conference Objectives include:

  • Continue to cultivate the conditions for a Canadian community of practice, research and policy for dialogue and deliberation
  • Enhance skills in designing, facilitating and leading dialogue and deliberation activities
  • Highlight applied research on key questions and outcomes related to dialogue and deliberation cases and contexts.

Who Should Attend?
Join an exciting and diverse community of practice, including: dialogue and deliberation practitioners, researchers, policy makers, stakeholder relationship managers, and decision-makers from local, provincial, federal government, business, media, community, Aboriginal organizations and academia.

Download the conference flyer or go to www.c2d2.ca to learn more.

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