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Welcome, NCDD Members and Future Members!

NCDD brings together people and groups who actively practice, promote and study inclusive, high-quality conversations. Collectively, we seek to nurture justice, respect, and democracy throughout society using dialogue, deliberation and other forms of collaborative communication. We believe that elevating the quality of thinking and communication in organizations and among citizens is key to solving humanity's most pressing problems.

If this describes your work or the work of your organization, we invite you to become a member of NCDD today.

Whether you are a dialogue facilitator, a deliberation scholar, an activist working for increased citizen engagement, an artist whose work inspires citizens to talk openly about difficult issues, a student just beginning to explore the potential of these processes, or the director of an organization that fosters dialogue, we encourage you to join the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

New Membership Structure as of January 2007

Starting in January 2007, members will be asked to make an annual donation to the Coalition. Organizations will be asked to contribute $100 for their membership fee, and individuals will be asked to contribute $50, although no one will be denied membership if they cannot pay the full (or any) membership fee.

In order to help our members transition from a free membership to a fee-based membership, the first 200 members who pay the full fee will be send a free copy of the just-released 2nd Edition of the Change Handbook, which retails for $60. NCDD director Sandy Heierbacher wrote a chapter on dialogue and deliberation for the Change Handbook, and as a chapter author she was given the opportunity to purchase copies of the book at a major discount.

We?’ve also been working with numerous organizations that provide some of the best trainings in dialogue, deliberation, facilitation, public engagement and conflict resolution to get you some substantial discounts. Click here to see the discounts we?’ve already arranged.

Join NCDD Now

Our join form is down temporarily as a result of a nasty spam attack. We are in the process of creating a more secure form. In the meantime, to join NCDD please simply send an email message to Office Manager Joy Garman at with the following details:

  1. your name, organization/school, and position there
  2. whether you would like to join as an individual or an organization
  3. whether you plan to pay the membership fee or not (payment instructions are below)
  4. your full contact information (email, phone, mailing address)
  5. a one-paragraph bio (if joining as an individual) or description of your organization

Here?’s how to pay the membership fee...

Send a check for $100 (if you?’d like your organization to be a member of NCDD) or $50 (if you?’d like to be an individual member) made out to ?“NCDD?” to the following address. Note that due to shipping costs, Canadians should add $10 to these amounts, and those from outside of the U.S. and Canada should add $25 (assuming you would like a copy of The Change Handbook).

  • NCDD
  • Attn: Joy Garman
  • 114 W. Springville Road
  • Boiling Springs, PA 17007

If you prefer to use a credit card (and we encourage those from outside the U.S. to do this so we can all avoid extra check charges), go to and either log in or click on ?“Sign Up?” if you don?’t already have a PayPal account. After you are signed in, click on ?“Send Money.?” Type the following email address into the box that asks for the Recipient?’s Email: [email protected]. If you need a printed receipt, you will find a record of your transaction under ?“My Account?” at PayPal.?”

Joining NCDD as a paid member will provide you with a number of additional benefits (including discounts on registration fees at NCDD conferences), but mostly by joining NCDD, you or your organization are pledging your commitment to fostering the effective use of dialogue and deliberation throughout society, and to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation community. Although your membership fees will provide you with some great benefits, they will primarily be used to help ensure that NCDD can continue to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking throughout the D&D field.

If you cannot afford to pay the full fee, you are still welcome to join NCDD and pay what you can. But for obvious reasons we?’re only able to offer things that cost us and others money (like the book and conference fee discounts) to those who pay the full fee. Members who can?’t pay the full (or any) fee will receive all other benefits, and will be listed and treated the same as paid members.

Updating Your Member Entry

Have you moved? Started using a new email or phone number? Has your position changed? Do you want to update (or add) your bio? Email Joy Garman (), NCDD's lovely Office Manager, with your changes.

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