Members of the NCDD

Below you will find a list of all 670 members, both organizational and individual. This list is meant to be easily accessible and printable, but it does include an additional feature. Although not colored (purposefully) many of the member’s names listed here are linked to their websites. If you move your cursor over the names, you will find that those with links become underlined.

Members List Recently Updated!

We have just recently added all the members who have joined since January 2007. As we work towards switching to a new membership system, we’ll be adding new members regularly, so hopefully we won’t get this far behind again. Thanks for your patience.

Searching for Members

Currently, the member search function is offline. But since this is a (nearly) complete list, you can use your browser’s search feature to search for specific names below. Usually in PC browsers you access this feature by selecting “Ctrl-F” and in Mac browsers you usually select “Cmd-F”.

Organizational Members

The NCDD has 202 organizational members.


African Care and Development Initiative (ACDI)

African Refugees Foundation

Agoro Community Development Association

American Association for Higher Education

American Values Are – LLC.


Ascentum Inc.

Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U;)

Association of the South-Kivutians for Peace in Congo (ASK-PC)

Aurora Community Study Circles

AWARE (Acceptance in Worship and Religion Everywhere)

Aware Project Inc.

Blue Ridge Institute for Community (BRIC)

Bread of Life Center for Spiritual Formation

Brooklyn Nonviolent Communication

Building Collaborative Solutions Inc.

Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University

Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia

Center for Wise Democratic Processes

Centre for Civil Society Resources and Development

Circles of Change

City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Resources Office

Civic Education and Good Citizenship Movement (CEGCM)

Civic Life International

Civil Society Movement of Liberia (CSML)

Clark University’s Higgins School of Humanities

Clinical Practice Model Resource Center


Coast Community College; Spiritual City Forum

CODECI (Coalition for Citizens Development)

Collaborative Solutions Group

Colorado Peacemaker Institute

Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions at UC Davis

Common Knowledge

Community Building Institute

Community Cousins

Community Leadership Program at University of New Hampshire

Community Learning & Innovation Centre Inc.

Community Mediation Inc.

Conflict Resolution Center International

Conflict Resolution Center of Iowa

Confluence Consulting Inc.; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Conversation Cafes / New Road Map Foundation

Creativity for Peace Camp

Crossroads Leadership Institute

Days of Dialogue – Los Angeles

Décentralisation & Initiatives Locales (DiL)

Deliberative Democracy Consortium

Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action

Detroit Summer; Oakland University

DiaComVentures Consulting / Univ of North Florida

Dialogue for Peace

Dialogue for Solutions

Dialogue Leadership Northwest

Dialogue Networks

Dialogue Partners Inc.

Dialogue Project

Dispute Resolution Program at the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney


Dynamic Dialogues Coaching Inc.

EPPA Consulting


FOCUS St. Louis

Forums Institute for Public Policy

Four Winds Inc.

Fusion Partnerships Inc.

Global Dialogue Institute

Global Facilitators Service Corps Inc.

Global Horizons

Global Youth Action Society Network

Grassroots Economic Organizing; University of Connecticut

Gregoire & Associates

Group Jazz

Hague Appeal for Peace Nairobi; Institute For Education in Democracy


Heartland Inc.

Hope in the Cities

Houston Community College System – Center for the Healing of Racism

ICA Associates Inc.

Information Habitat: Where Information Lives

Information Renaissance

Institute for 21st Century Agoras

Institute for Global Leadership

Institute for Public Policy Research – IPPR

Intergroup Dialogue at Bucknell University

International Convention on Human Rights

International Institute for Facilitation and Consensus

International Institute for Sustained Dialogue; Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

Internet Catalyst; WestEd

Interplay: Interactive Theatre for Dialogue

Iowa State Education Association

Jewish Dialogue Group

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue

Kevin Rafferty Executive Consulting


Liberation Community Inc.

Lyceum Patners & Co.

Mannix & Associates

Mark Eight International for Marketing – Ltd.

Mediation Matters

Mendocino Coast Peace & Justice Center

Merrill Consulting Associates

National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM)

National Conference on Community and Justice – Northern Ohio Region

Neighborhood Mediation Center at YWCA

New England Center for Civic Life

NewPort Consulting

Niger Delta Neighborhood Link

Niger Delta Professionals For Development

Norfolk United Facing Race

Northeastern University; The Center for Work and Learning

Office of Human Relations – UMCP

Ohio State University Extension’s Council for Public Deliberation

Open Circle Company

Oregon Uniting

Organizational Synapse – LLC.

Park Universitys International Center for Civic Engagement

Partners for Strategic Action Inc.

Peace Across the Niger (Students Chapter)

Peace Initiative International for Africa (PIIA)

Peace Initiatives

Peacemakers Trust

Pennsylvania Center for Civic Life

Philanthropy for Active Citizen Engagement (PACE)

Philia Dialogue on Caring Citizenship


Program on Intergroup Relations – University of Michigan

Promoters of Liberian and Canadian Relationship (POLCR) Inc.

Provincial Health Ethics Network

Public Agenda Foundation

Public Conversations Project

Public Conversations Project

Public Dialogue Consortium and San Jose State University

Regis University’s Institute on the Common Good

Reich College of Education – Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University

RL Hunt Communications Network

Roundtable Inc.

Salam: Peace and Justice Institute

Sandhi Institute and the Center for Group Learning

School of Wellbeing and Wisdom

Sealy Center for Environmental Health & Medicine / NIEHS

Search for Common Ground and Search for Common Ground – USA

Seattle Local Peoples Assembly

Seeds of Simplicity

Shambhala Institute

Small Planet Institute

Sophia Associates – LLC.

SpiritHouse: The Jonathan Daniels and Samuel Younge Forum for Justice

St. Joseph Health System’s Center for Healthcare Reform

Study Circles Resource Center

Success By Design – 3D Seminars – LLC.

Teenage Foundation

Texas Forums; Austin-Pacific Consulting Co. (Connecting people – ideas – and communities.); LBJ Presidential Library and Museum

The Center for Collaborative Policy – California State University Sacramento

The Center for Contemplative Dialogue

The Center for Nonviolent Communication (Bay Area)

The Center for Wise Democratic Processes

The Co-Intelligence Institute

The Coexistence Initiative

The Collaborative

The Communications Center Inc.

The Communitarian Network

The Compassionate Listening Project

The Deliberative Democracy Consortium

The Dialogue Project

The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

The Intentional Living Institute

The International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Teachers College – Columbia University

The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue

The MultiCultural Resource Center of Portland – Oregon

The National Conference for Community and Justice – St. Louis Region

The National MultiCultural Institute

The New River Valley Conflict Transformation Center

The New Trivium / Het Nieuwe Trivium

The Nile Basin Society

The Perspectives Group Inc.

The Project on Civic Reflection

The Project on Civic Reflection

The Taos Institute; Swarthmore College

The Whistler Forum for Dialogue

The World Café

Touchstones Discussion Project

Training Media Review

Tutor/Mentor Connection

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) – Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbeans Democratic Dialogue Project

University of Missouri and Discovering Common Ground: Missouri Communities Deliberate

urbanPEACE/Institute for Integrated Awareness

US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Vision On

Wageningen International

Waterford Inc.

Web Lab

Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service – University of Virginia

Wells College

West Virginia Center for Civic Life

Western Justice Center Foundation; Intercultural Conflict Resolution Systems; Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center

Windows in the Wall; Community Forums

Youth Talk International

Individual Members

The NCDD has 466 individual members.

Korie Ainspan, Asheville-Buncome Visions Community Dialogue

Steve Akinkunmi, Great Intellect Youth Organization

Lynn Allen

Sharon Almerigi, Caribbean Facilitators Network – Barbados; People Dynamics Associates

Stephanie Anderson, Community Focus

Margaret Anderson, Government Futures

Gani Are

Albert Arko-Cobbah, University of the Free State

Nicole Armani, Network of Victim Assistance

A.J. Arriola, Portland State University Conflict Resolution Graduate Program

Anrahyah Arstad, KidSpirit

Dereje Asegedew, Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission

Faaizah Awoshakin, Civic Life International

Emily Axelrod, The Axelrod Group

Michael Baldwin, Benbrook Public Library

Rex Barger, Rexxx Reflectx

Ronny Barkay

Judith Barlow-Roberts, National Conference for Community and Justice of CT & Western MA

Malcolm Barnum, Performex

Susan Bartlett

Sarah Barton, Rise Alaska – LLC.

Linda Bautista, Central Washington University-Educational Opportunity Center

Sandra Beach

Kelly Beavers, Virginia Tech – Washington Alexandria Urban Studies Center

Douglas Bedell, Resource Relations: Building Communities of Interest

Lisa Bedinger, Vermont Campus Compact

Nance Bell, Applied Research Solutions

Kristina Bennett, Navigating Transitions

Roger Bernier, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Malcolm Best

Sarah Bier, University of Illinois

George Bills, University of Kentucky

Shereen Bingham, University of Nebraska at Omaha; School of Communication

Quentin Bishop, Central Michigan University

Marsha Blakeway, National Peace Foundation

Linda Blong, Sonoma State University – California Institute on Human Services

Tim Bonnemann, Plansphere

David Boyd, MSA Professional Services Inc.

Tree Bressen

Michael Briand, The Institute for Democratic Dialogue and Deliberation; Regis University

Barbara Brown, Partners for South Carolina Communities Initiative – Clemson University

Edward Bryant, St. Louis Regional Health Commission

Richard Burg, Simple Idea

Lesley Burkert, Wake Forest University

Amy Burrell

Kenn Burrows, Institute for Holistic Healing Studies; San Francisco State University

Anne-Marie Burton, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)

Steve Butters, United Nations Association UK

Norma Buydens, University of Manitoba – University Teaching Services

Katy Byrne, World Peace Productions

Lou Anne Caligiuri, Good Schools Pennsylvania

Mary Beth Callie

David Capes

Christina Carpenter, Tomorrow Makers Inc.

Susan Carpenter

Lyn Carson, The University of Sydney – Australia

Allison Carter, Jewish Dialogue Group

Millicent Carvalho

Joyce Cassells, California Institute of Integral Studies

Sophia Chang, Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission

Richard Chasin, Public Conversations Project

Laura Chasin, The Public Conversations Project

Subash Chelliah, Henry Martyn Institute – International Research Centre for Interfaith Dialogue and Reconciliation

Bradley Chenoweth

Carol Chetkovich, Mills College – Public Policy Program

Sandra Chisolm, Fairfax County Government

Susan Christy, Christy Consulting Inc.

Kenneth Cissna, University of South Florida – Department of Communication

Daniel Clark, Public Participation Solutions

J. Anne Clark, Collaborative Research Associates

Kathleen Clark, Law Offices of Kathleen Clark

Linda Clarkson, Service-Learning Initiative of Southwest Colorado

Domonic Cobb, Program on Intergroup Relations University of Illinois – Urbana- Champaign

Clare Coburn, La Trobe University

Copper Coggins, Asheville-Buncombe Vision Dialogue Working Group

Raines Cohen, Aging In Community/Reinventing Community

R. Cohn

Jeff Conklin, CogNexus Institute

Jane Connor, Southern Tier Center for Compassionate Communication (STCCC)

Lorraine Cook, Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing

Robert Coombs

Matt Copeland, Washburn Rural High School

William Copeland, Ginsberg Center For Community Service & Learning (U Michigan); Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

Gloria Cordova

Jeffrey Courion, Power of Story

Louis Cox, EgoMechanics Inc.

Lydia Crafton, PeaceWeb

Christine Cressie-Isom, The AMOS Project / A Social Justice Organization

Kate Crisp, Prison Dharma Network

Douglas Crocker

Charmaine Crockett

Paige Cureton, ARCADIS

Wal Cusworth

JoAnn Dale, First Unitarian Church of Louisville

Ann Daly, University of Texas at Austin

Helen Daniels-Brown, H&D; Consultants

Patricia Danielson, Thursdays Rose

Albert (Al) Dauray

Todd Davies, Stanford University

Vanessa Davis, Huston-Tillotson College

Edward De Barbieri, Yale Divinity School

Boulou de Bberi

Tess Deddo, Middlebury College

Kirk deFord, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory and Northwest Educational Technology Consortium; Institute for Sustainable Culture

Kai Degner, OrangeBand Initiative

Adrienne Dessel, Dialogue and Diversity Consulting

Alice Diebel, Michigan State University; The Kettering Foundation

Enton Dimni

Daynna Dixon, SafeHomes

Dana Dolsen

Loretta Donovan, Girl Scouts of the USA; Worksmarts

CJ Dorgeloh

Colin Doylend, BC Government Caucus; Colin Doylend and Associates

Jim Durkin, Collaboration Laboratories

Sidharth Dutta

Jay Earley, Conscious Action

Patricia Eastwood, Washington State Office of Secondary Education for Migrant Youth

Judith Eda

Bassey Edet, Higher Ground Foundation

Elizabeth Edge

Olav Eikeland, Work Research Institute

Jan Elliott, Public Policy Forum; Fielding Graduate University

Shar Etebar, East Bay Community Mediation

Scot Evans, Vanderbilt University

Asha Evans, Pathways for Mutual Respect International

Elena Fagotto, Harvard Universitys Kennedy School of Government

John Falchi, J.P. Falchi & Associates; Plan of Action in a Changing Era (PACE)

Thomas Fee, The Agreement Zone/Public Decisions Network

Juli Fellows, Austin Group Specialists

Rebecca Field, The Mercury Institute; International Sharing & Cooperation

Walter Fisher, University of Minnesota – Morris

Judy Flavell, Kentucky Educational Television

Natasha Flowers

Dolores Foley, University of Hawaii; Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Patricia Foley, Gallaudet University

Dolly Ford, West Virginia University

Maryann Francis

Luanne Francis, Kingsley House

Gabrielle Frey

Bill Fulton, Public Education & Business Coalition and Colorado Civic Canopy

Walter Gallacher, Colorado Mountain College

Ian Galloway

Tagelsir (“Tag”) Gasmelseid, King Faisal University

Michelle Gawerc, Boston College – Department of Sociology

Julie Gedro, SUNY Empire State College

Romola Georgia, City of Sunnyvale – CA

Josephine Gerardi

Karen Gerwitz, Colorado State Board of Education

Chad Gesser, Green River Area Development District

Michal Gilat

Kyle Gillespie, Dialogue Class

Nancy Glock-Grueneich, HIGHER EDge

Maribeth Goodman, The Goodman Group Inc.

Ray Gordezky, Camden Group and Council for the Parliament of the Worlds Religions

Paul Gorski, Hamline University

Gwendolyn Grant, Urban League of Greater Kansas City

Dennis Gray

Adi Griffon, Stanford University

Rose-May Guignard, University of Texas at Arlington; School of Urban and Public Affairs

Raymond Guyot, Outlook Presentations; Recurrent Solutions

Colleen Haggar, Transition Plus – Hopkins School District

Ann Hale, International Sociometry Training Network

Mark Hanawalt

Jean Handley, Turning Point Partners

Darin Harris, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Cyndi Harris, New Dimensions Consulting

John Luke Hartmann

Bill Harvey, Manship Associates

Dena Hayes

Lisa Heft, Opening Space

Barb Heller, Canadian Association of Jews & Muslims

Cassandra Hemphill, CJH Solutions

Leilani Henry, Being and Living Enterprises – Ltd.

Mary Henton

James Hermann

Connie Hernandez-Robbins, San Jose State University

Joan Heron

Jacob Hess, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Janet Hetherington

Sonya Hetrick, American University Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Wilbur Hicks, Shell Oil Company

David Hilditch, Center for Ethics – Department of Philosophy – Webster University

Peggy Holman, Open Circle Company

Cathy Holt, The Kindness Campaign in Asheville

Michele Holt-Shannon, University of New Hampshire

Daniel Horsey, 3 Story Stage

Thomas Hoverman

Katie Howard, University of Maryland; NCDD and UMD

Sharon Huntsman, Valley Vision

Sadeque Hussain, Conflict Relief and Peace Organization

Jonathan Hutson, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice / The TLPJ Foundation

Eileen Hyatt, Reaching Accord

Les Ihara, Hawaii State Senate – National Issues Forums Institute

Brian Jackson

Mary Jacksteit

Michael Jamison, Motiva Enterprises – LLC.

Heather Jensen

Harlan Johnson, ACTUAL! and “Come Together”

John Johnson, Hampton Citizens Unity Commission/City of Hampton – Virginia

Chris Johnson

William Johnston, New England Environmental Finance Center – University of Southern Maine

Cynthia Jones, CUNY Hostos Community College

Michele Jones, Citizens Unity Commission and C & H Publishing

Sarah Jones

Deloras Jones, Milton Hershey School

Amy Jones, Civic Life International

Cynthia Josayma, Bridgings Associates

Dave Joseph, Public Conversations Project

Bennett Judkins, Lenoir-Rhyne College – School of Social & Behavioral Science

Jennifer Juhler, Iowa Judicial State Court Administrative Office

Nilka Julio

Janell Jures

Rebecca (Bec) Kageyama, New Dimensions Media; New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network

Ndumba Kamwanyah

Kathleen Kane, CUNY Hostos Community College

Marcia Kannry, The Dialogue Project

Irene Kao, University of New Hampshire Office of Multicultural Affairs

Adam Kaplan, American University

Daniel Kaufman, K12 Ventures

Brenda Kaulback, Harpswell East Associates

Jessy Keiser, Kaiser Permanente

William Kell, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Janice Kelley

Alistair Kent, Gartner Lee – Ltd.

Kathy Kidd

Fleurette King, Fleurette King Consulting & Training

Douglas Klein, Star Associates

Louise (Lucy) Knight, Knight Consulting

Susan Kohler-Gray

Stephen Konieczka, University of Colorado at Boulder

Pam Korza, Americans for the Arts

Nancy Kranich, American Library Association (ALA)

William Krummenacher, Saint Louis University

Kathleen Kueht, PROACT Consulting; Developing Talent & Learning Solutions

Melissa Kwee

Myriam Laberge, Collaborative Learning & Innovation; Centre for Sustainable Community Development; Collaborative Learning & Innovation; Simon Fraser University; Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc. – Organization Transformation Services

Leah Lamb, The Performance Initiative

Amy Lang, Department of Sociology – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Unzu Lee, Presbyterian Women/Leadership Development/Presbyterian Church (USA)

Caroline Lee, Lafayette College

Sun Lee

Shellie Leger

Tammy Lenski, Lenski Mediation – LLC.

Shira Leon

Karen Lest, Regis University’s Institute on the Common Good

Lynda Levy

Eyal Lewin

Terry Link, Michigan State University

Kathryn Liss, American Friends Service Committee – Help Increase the Peace Program

Roger Lohmann, Nova Institute

Tony Lomas

Lynn MacEachern, Facilitate 2 Yes – LC

Fernando Magliano, Free Lance Professional Consultant

Sita Magnuson

Sally Mahe, United Religions Initative

Dan Maher

Jimmy Mai

Aliah MaJon, The Shamballa Group – Days of Dialogue – Los Angeles

Steven Mantz, Touro College

Anthony Marasse, Bell Canada

Karen Marbury, College of Southern Maryland

Steve Marchetti

Nancy Margulies, The World Café; Mindscapes

Patriciafaye Marshall

Carole Martignacco, Unitarian Universalist – UUA and Canadian Unitarian Council

Linda McAusland, McAusland & Associates

Shawna McCaden, Housing and Residence Life

Stephani McCallum, Circle Associates – Public Involvement & Stakeholder Relations; The Canadian Institute For Public Engagement

Jock McClellan, project

J. McDermott, University of Arizona and Foxfire; Antioch University

John McDonald, The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

Iris Mcginnis, ABCGlobal – Association Building Community

Christopher McMullen

Susan Meyer, Life-Work Coach

Bonny Michaelson

Andrea Mignolo, Free Speech TV

Sharda Miller, University of Creation Spirituality; The Listening Path; Voices of Vision

Katia Miller

Sheri Miller

Therese Miller, Horizon Workplace Solutions

Sudha Mohan, Fulbright Scholar

Richard Moore,

Sybil Morgan, Loving Circles

Theresa Moulton, Performance Change Initiatives

Cherese Mowers

Tom Murray, Perspegrity Consulting

Anne Neal, Vision-Mission-Strategy Inc.

Philip Neisser, SUNY Potsdam – Department of Politics

Deborah Nelson, Just Solutions Mediation

Kurt Neuwirth

Jack Nichols

Sandy Nickel

Karen Noel, The Mentor Network

Leanne Nurse, US Environmental Protection Agency – National Center for Environmental Innovation

Judy OBrien, RIVERSPEAK Dialogues

Ricky Ohl, Griffith University

Curtis Ojirhaye

Obasesam Okoi

Kenoli Oleari, Horizons of Change

Daniel Oliver, Ohio State University

Patricia Opdyke, Oregon State University Extension – Washington County

Catherine Orland, MCPS Study Circles Program/SIT; Self-employed

C. Orr, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Rebecca Orsi, Colorado State University

Susan Paddock

Tana Paddock, Sprung Rhythm Facilitation

Julianna Padgett, Southern University at New Orleans School of Social Work

Irene Papoulis, Trinity College – Hartford

Susan Partnow, The Compassionate Listening Project; Lets Talk America; Global Citizen Journey

Chris Paterson, Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District

Lisa Paul, West Virginia University Graduate Program

Jack Paulus,

Shara Pavlow, University of Miami - School of Communication

Mari Pearman

Nancy Peden, Lived Learning

Hina Pendle, US Partners: Personal & Collective Evolution

Patricia Perry, Patricia D. Perry Associates

Greg Phelps, Lindsey Wilson College

Sarah Phillips

Kyle Pogue

April Pojman

Nancy Polk, League of Women Voters Education Fund

Charlotte Pollard

Sam Post

Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates Inc.

Julie Pratt, Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia

Dianne Price, WK Kellogg Foundation

Jimmy Pryor, Houston Dialogue Initiative; SunBody Hats

Krishna Pushkar

Steven Pyser, University of Phoenix – Greater Philadelphia Campus

Tobin Quereau, Austin Community College

Margaret Rahn, Friends of Open House – Cincinnati

Virginia Raymond

Nicole Re

James Rhoda, Drakenstein Municipality

Bernard Rich

Ingrid Richter, Ingrid Richter & Company

Nancy Roberts, Naval Postgraduate School

Don Roberts

Jennifer Robinson, University of Baltimore – CNCM Program

Michal Rosenberger

Randy Ross, Friends of Open House

Christian Rostboell, University of Arizona

Kirstin Rothrock, JustVoices

Brad Rourke, Jarrell/Rourke

Alice Rudnick, New York State Office of ADR Programs – Office of ADR Programs

Pat Ruppel, Wisdom For The Ages

Keith Russell, The Warren Young Peoples Community & Resource Project Hull UK

Scott Russell, HNTB Corporation

Andrew Russell, United Nations Development Program: Bi-Communal Development Programme in Cyprus

Martin Rutte, Livelihood Inc.

Noor Mohammad Saada, Philippine Australia Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao (BEAM) Project

Justin Sampson, Krasama Consulting

Marilyn Saunders, Skills for the 21st Century

Catherine Sawyer

Nandini Saxena, Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN/RCRPP)

Michael Sayler, Praxis One Consulting

Barbara Schaffer Bacon, The Animating Democracy Initiative of Americans for the Arts

Scott Schneider

David Schoem, University of Michigan – Michigan Community Scholars Program

David Schulz, Trinity Lutheran College

Sandy Schuman, Center for Policy Research – Rockefeller College

Stephen Schwenke, Management Systems International

Joan Scott, Anderson County Human Relations Council

Charles Scott, Simon Fraser University

Attica Scott, Kentucky Jobs with Justice

Ray Seigfried, Christiana Care Health System

Herbert Selesnick, Sterling & Selesnick Inc.

Merry Selk, Selk Communications

Sion Setton

Syed Shah, Institute Commonwealth Studies

Sheryl Shapiro, City of Seattle – Seattle Public Utilities

Barbara Shapiro, withinsight enterprises

Elaine Shen, Television Race Initiative/Active Voice

Elliot Shuford, University of Oregon – Department of Planning – Public Policy and Management

Landon Shultz, Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church

Steve Siegel, Teamwell

Ruth Siguenza, Ruth Siguenza – LLC.

Barbara Simonetti, Meetings That Matter

Elizabeth Simpson

Alexander (Sandy) Simpson, The Simpson Partnership Inc.

Lisa Singh, A New Day: Center for Peace and Community

Tod Sloan, Critical Psychology Innovations; Psychologists for Social Responsibility

Heidi Jane Smith

MaryLou Smith, Aqua Engineering Inc.

Leigh Sniffen, METAMORPHIS

Jim Snow

Barry Snowden

Harris Sokoloff, Center for School Study Councils – Graduate School of Education at Penn

Alidra Solday, Solday Productions

John Spady, Forum Foundation

Albert Spalding, Wayne State University

Shawn Spano, The Center for Faculty Development & Support – San Jose State University

Helen Spector, Spector & Associates

Rosalind Spigel

Elana Stanger, Diversity Arts

Pamela Steager, Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence

George Stein, Stein & Ward

David Stein, The Ohio State University Section on Workforce Development and Education

Naraya Stein

Michael Steinback

Jerry Stephens, Citizens League of Central Oklahoma

John Stephens, School of Government – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil

Hinda Sterling, Sterling & Selesnick Inc.

Carrie Stewart, One World Consulting

Carol Stewart, NH Mediation Program Inc.

Kathy Stilwell, GraceWorks

Muriel Strand

Rebecca Subar, Rebecca Subar Management Consulting

Paul Sue

Harris Sussman

Ernest Tamminga, 4MForum

Stephanie Tansey

Jason Tecza

Janel Temple, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville

Ronald Thomas, Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission

Nancy Thomas, Society for Values in Higher Education

Theodore Thomas, The James P Grant Trust for Int Social Development

Vincent Thomas, VTDance

Scott Thompson, Panasonic Foundation

Paula Thomson, Department of Premier and Cabinet Queensland

Heather Tischbein, Dragonfly Dialogues; Co-Intelligence Institute

William Tognotti, San Francisco Neighborhood Assemblies Network Initiative

Katie Tomola, Wells Fargo Private Client Services

Carrie Tortorella

JoAnn Tran

Paul Treadwell, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Karen Trietsch, Beyond White Privilege Training Project

Mary Adams Trujillo, The Practitioner Research and Scholarship Institute (PRASI)

Manju Tuladhar, University of Birmingham; International Development Department

Jean Tully, Tully Consulting

Larry Victor, NuCoLab

Don Voyles, Regis University’s Institute on the Common Good

JoAnna Wagschal, URS Corporation

Kathy Walsh, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Howard Ward

Alice Warner-Mehlhorn, WK Kellogg Foundation

Mark Warren, University of British Columbia – Department of Political Science

Ilene Wasserman, ICW Consulting Group

Gail Watt

Ellen Wayne, University of Baltimore – The Center for Negotiations and Conflict Management

Abbey Wells

Donald West

Jolanda Westerhof-Shultz, Grand Valley State University

Dan Wheeler, Naropa University

Nancy White, Full Circle Associates

Ken White, Everett Community College

Emily Whiting, Harvard University

Gwendolyn Whiting, G. Whiting and Associates/ SCRC Senior Associates

Jennifer Wilding, A Project of KC Consensus

Teeomm Williams, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Patricia Wilson, University of Texas

Bonnie Winfield, Landis Community Outreach Center

Katharine Wismer, Atlantis NW Coaching & Training

David Wolsk, University of Victoria

Susan Wood, Theatre – Arts Education and Community Cultural Planning; Animating Democracy Initiative

Bernadette Wright

Gill Wyatt, Centre for Relational Living

Miriam Wyman, Practicum Limited

Ibrahim Yakubu

Abigail (Abby) Yanow, Boston Facilitators RoundTable

Tamiko Younge

Sandra Zagon, CPRN (Canadian Policy Research Networks)

Susan Zepeda, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky

Rosa Zubizarreta, Co-Intelligence Institute; Facilitating Creative Collaboration

Ximena Z̼̱iga, University of Massachusetts РAmherst

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