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Full Name: Leilani Rashida Henry
NCDD Member Since: Jun. 10, 2004
About Me: Leilani Rashida Henry, M.A. and licensed Educational Kinesiologist is a pioneer in bringing innovative whole brain strategies to personal, professional and organization transformation. Her experiential processes bring excitement and lightening-speed results to tough personal, leadership and organizational challenges, such as accessing your imagination to invent new futures; strengthen interconnections between perceived adversaries and allies; sustain wellness and vitality and enhance collective learning. All to move effortlessly toward a desired future.

Formally Director of Training and Development with Jones Intercable and an Organizational Development specialist at Honeywell and Lockheed Martin, she is Founder and Chief Excellence Officer of Being & Living Enterprises, LTD. Leilani serves companies such as AT&T;, CARE USA, CU Boulder, HP, HBO, Intuit, Lucent Technologies, North Dakota State University, Rockefeller and the Federal Government. She has assisted many talented leaders from opera singers to corporate leaders to social activists on their success journey.

Her firm’s 360° Leadership Vitality Feedback Process gives leaders from all walks of life, the coaching they need to take performance to new levels of competence. She is a demonstrated thought leader in the field of Organizational Development, as cited in several national publications and organizations such as the Fetzer Institute and new visions in business. Fast Company identified Leilani as one of their RealTime Models and Mentors. She is a steering committee member of the fast growing network–National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation and is awarded a 2006 mini fellowship on her work in the field of dialogue at the Institute on the Common Good at Regis University.

Leilani is Founder and Director of National Playback Theatre. Her ensemble puts a new face on leadership development by using improvisation to build bridges between people with different perspectives and experiences. Her lifetime experience in the performing arts is integrated into her unique approach to innovation, leadership, and performance. She sparks the hearts and minds of those who want extraordinary results aligned with their highest aspirations. Leilani’s coaching approach uses whole brain integration technologies to provide lasting shifts in energy and information.

Leilani hails from 9,000 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rockies. Born in Hawaii, and raised in Minnesota, she is Chief George Gibbs’s daughter, one of the first African Americans to sail and set foot on Antarctica with Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s III expedition to the South Pole. She is publishing her father’s journals and writing a book about his experiences.
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Organization Name: Being and Living Enterprises, Ltd.
Title / Position: CEO and President
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Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 303-838-3818
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Street Address: 11755 Blackfoot Road
City: Conifer
State/Province: CO
Zip or Country Code: 80433
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