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Full Name: Denise Dolan
NCDD Member Since: Aug. 27, 2008
Contact For: Community Action Dialogues
About Me: Denise Dolan was first a consultant, producer, designer of multi-media events.Later, her professional life included being the co-founder of the US division of a multi-national business consulting firm that provided a new paradigm of collaborative team solutions Fortune 500’s. Her firm was one of the top 250 Worldwide Business Partners with Lotus Development Corp.

Denise is a certified integrative medicine practitioner and self-help teacher of the ancient philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. She is a student and certified teacher of ancient Toltec wisdom and is a practitioner of Qi Qong. She has provided consulting services, lectures, and trainings about Integrative Medicine to hospitals, corporations, and educational institutions, including Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, NY; Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital, NJ; Overlook Hospital, NJ; Atlantic Health; Bloomfield College; The Red Cross; Catholic Charities; special interest groups and others.

In 2009 Denise graduated as a licensed minister and her trans-denominational ministry is committed to supporting the discovery of our common humanity and is dedicated to inspire social change through cooperative and collaborative actions that support young adults, citizens and organizations to move beyond challenges, discover common ground, and work towards a shared vision that leads to a more inclusive, just and sustainable way of life. She provides spiritual guidance to individuals and groups. She also provides consulting services, professional speaking engagements and shared experiences of community dialogues to raise awareness about topics such as:
• Spirituality: Common Ground Among Diverse Religions
• Integrative Medicine for the Spirit, Mind, & Body
• New Paradigms for Social Change and Sustainability
• New Perspectives on Success
• Practical Insights for Meaningful Living
• See and Live Beyond Appearances

Denise is a community and business dialogue facilitator/trainer to numerous groups such as PBS; America Speaks; VCU; Osher at U of R; The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement; Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond; Free Press; Internet for Everyone; Partnership for Smarter Growth; Conversation Café; Network for Peace Through Dialogue; Unity churches; 20,000 Dialogues for Peace; and she co-launched the initiative, Community Action Dialogues for Greater Richmond to:
• Increase understanding and improve relations among diverse communities
• Improve quality of discussions with partners, family, friends and colleagues
• Facilitate innovative meetings and meaningful discussions for business and educational settings
• Self-organize community support for civic engagement
• Strengthen and develop communication, cooperation and collaborative partnerships in Greater Richmond
• Increase environmental awareness

Denise is the co-founder of “Declarations of Life”, a new and ongoing collaborative project that mixes original affirmations to upbeat music with diverse musicians to provide a revenue stream to not-for-profit organizations that empower humanity and inspire social change.

Denise is focused on empowering diverse groups to mobilize meaningful social change for sustainability and social justice.
My Interest Areas: collaborative tools, social change, sustainability, restorative justice, open space, future search, dialogue, circle work, high school, colleges and spiritual organizations,
My Work
Organization Name: Community Action Dialogues for Greater Richmond
Title / Position: Project Director
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Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 804-915-6678
City: Richmond
State/Province: VA
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Member Type: Organizational Member (dues-paying)
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Yes

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