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Full Name: Robert Bowers
NCDD Member Since: Jan. 10, 2010
Contact For: The Paulist Center
About Me: I serve on the staff of the Paulist Center as Consultant or Outreach and Reconciliation as part of the Paulist Fathers’ Reconciliation Initiative for healing within the Catholic Church. I teach courses in reconciliation and the process of healing and forgiveness, and provide opportunities to experience different speakers and events focused on reconciliation efforts. I offer training in facilitation methods, active listening skills and models of dialogue. I facilitate group discussions, dialogue sessions and one-on-one reconciliation opportunities at the Center and in parishes, including use of The Safe Space Dialogue Model, developed in partnership with Harvard Law School’s Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program. Sessions are structured as learning conversations to lead toward healing and reconciliation. I also provide training in conflict resolution systems for religious institutions and non-profit leaders and staff. I completed training at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation in Basic Negotiation: Creating Value in Deals and Disputes and Advanced Negotiation: Making Difficult Conversation Productive, as well as training at Mediation Works Incorporated on skills development. I serve on the North American Paulist Board for Reconciliation, and on the Futuring Team for the Catholic Common Ground Initiative.
My Work
Organization Name: The Paulist Center’s Office of Outreach and Reconciliation
Title / Position: Consultant
Description: The Office of Outreach and Reconciliation at the Paulist Center helps provide safe space for Catholics and other interested groups or individuals to engage in helpful dialogue and learning conversations around the areas of institutional religious conflict and alienation. Different dialogue models, from one on one session to facilitated gatherings, along with training in active listening, problem solving and conflict resolution models, are provided.
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Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 617-948-2422
Website URL:
Street Address: 5 Park Street
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Zip or Country Code: 02108
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Member Type: Organizational Member (dues-paying)

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