NCDD’s Values    

NCDD is known for abiding by the following values and principles. We have earned the respect and affinity of many organizations and individuals involved in public engagement, conflict resolution, and related fields by aligning our actions with these principles.

Collaboration and Active Participation
We are committed to working with others, and to encouraging the people and groups we work with to do the same. We continuously seek out those with different perspectives and experiences so that we can make better decisions. And we encourage, cultivate, and utilize active participation in our programs and events.

Openness and Transparency
We are honest about our challenges and our struggles, as well as our successes and strengths. We share our decisions and discussions openly with our members and others. Our membership is open to those who can’t afford to pay the fee, our resources are shared widely and the term “members only” is not in our vocabulary.

We value the contributions of every individual, and we value our diversity as a source of strength. We seek to involve and connect people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives within our membership and in all of our programs.

As much as is possible and appropriate, we show equal appreciation, respect, and esteem for all dialogue and deliberation models, organizations, and leaders. We strive to achieve balance between action and reflection, between dialogue and deliberation, and between leadership and stewardship.

Curiosity and Commitment to Learning
We constantly seek out information and knowledge about new programs, ideas, methods, and scholarship. Because of this, the resources on our website and the people involved in our network continue to multiply.

Instead of waiting for others to do things we know need to be done, we take the first steps. NCDD is known for making things happen in a field where most people and groups are too busy to take broad-based, long-term action.

Service to Others
We design our programs around what our members need, and around what society needs that our members and we can provide. We are dedicated to sharing news about others’ events, trainings, resources, and programs—even when they seem to compete with our own.

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