“NCDD2008″ is the Official Tag    

For those who missed it in earlier conversations, NCDD2008 is the official tag for the conference and should be used wherever appropriate, whether it be for personal blog posts, photos on Flickr, Tweets or Pownces, Social Bookmarking or any other online reference. Thanks to both Jerry Michalski and Tim Bonnemann for pointing this out again.

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Goals for the NCDD 2008 Tech Team    

An example of high technology!

Sandy and I sat down last week and went over all the things that we would like to see happen technology-wise leading up to and during the next conference. What we put together is a wish list… some things should be easy to implement, while other things will take dedicated volunteers to make happen. By clicking on the more link below, you will find the notes from that conversation which I’ve expanded with my ow thoughts. If you are interested in technology, regardless of your level of experience, I would really appreciate it if you looked over these notes to see if there are any projects you might be interested in getting involved with. I would also love it if you could add (or respond to) any questions, comments or other feedback in this post’s comments. Thanks!


Looking for Innovative Ideas to Enhance Networking at NCDD 2008    

Windy Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Houston – Downtown (and member of the conference planning team) asked me to post the following request to the conference blog. She invites everyone in the D&D community to share their ideas using the comments feature.

Snapshot of Open Space session at NCDD 2006

I’m helping to research innovative networking session strategies for the upcoming NCDD conference and I could really use your input.

Sandy mentioned to me that in the past, NCDD has tried different things to help conference participants network – using methods like Open Space (pictured) and World Cafe to help people meet each other, having people self-organize topics during receptions so people can identify others who share their interests, etc. But, as always, we’re looking for innovative new ways to foster quality networking and relationship building at the next NCDD conference – and we’re especially interested in ideas that work well for introverts as well as extroverts.

Beyond the traditional networking that goes on at conferences (time between sessions, meals, etc.), we’d love it if you could tell us about:

  • a networking activity or strategy you’ve experienced that was particularly innovative or effective
  • people or organizations you think we should talk to about this, or resources you’re aware of that could help us
  • any ideas you have about innovative networking activities we should consider for NCDD 2008

Please post your ideas and feedback here, or email it directly to me at [email protected]. I will be keeping track of all of the input I receive here.



Windy Y. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Department of Arts & Humanities
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
University of Houston – Downtown
1 Main Street #S1009-C
Houston, Texas 77002

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