Nominations Sought for James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards    

Those of you in California may be interested in the following award: The James Irvine Foundation ( ) is accepting nominations for the 2008 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards. The awards recognize individual leaders and leadership groups that are advancing innovative and effective solutions to some of the challenging issues facing California, as well as making a demonstrable difference to California’s future. Nominees may be working within any sector — nonprofit, public, or private — and within any field (e.g., education, health, housing, economic development, or the environment).

The foundation anticipates making four to six awards in 2008, the program’s third year. Award recipients will each receive $125,000 of flexible support for their work to benefit the people of California. At least $100,000 will be designated for core support of the leader’s project or organization and up to $25,000 for the leader’s own professional development, as determined by the recipient. The award also includes strategic communications activities, undertaken together by the award recipients and the foundation, to educate policy makers and practitioners about the effective solutions implemented by these leaders.

A nominee may be either an individual or a leadership group working in any sector or field. The nominee must be a resident of California. Nominations are welcome from people who are well-acquainted with the leader or leadership group and can attest to their qualifications. Self-nominations and nominations by family members are not eligible. Visit the Irvine Foundation Web site for complete program information. The deadline for nominations is January 18, 2008.

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