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A few weeks ago, I created 7 public playlists on YouTube, featuring some great videos that show and/or introduce people to dialogue and deliberation. The playlists can be found at www.youtube.com/profile?user=sheierbacher&view=playlists#play/playlists.

I created the playlists after someone on the main NCDD discussion list asked for links to YouTube videos (read:  short and easily accessible) on dialogue and deliberation, and received a whole variety of replies. I wondered how NCDD could make these videos easy for people to find longer-term (searching for “dialogue” or “deliberation” on YouTube yields too many weird results), and discovered that I could create public playlists.

I organized well over 100 YouTube videos (most of which I had no idea were even available!) into these playlists:

  • About dialogue & deliberation (people talking about D&D)
  • Dialogue & deliberation in practice (includes clips of actual D&D)
  • Dialogue & deliberation events (specific projects and events)
  • NCDD Videos (from all our events)
  • NCDD Austin (a bunch of great little videos were taken at our 2008 conference; plus Tim Thomas’ amazing photo journal shown during the closing session can be found here)
  • Sandy’s favorite D&D videos (to help people quickly find what I consider the best of the best)
  • Graphic recording (these cool videos deserved their own category)

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