CDS/IACD International Conference registration is open    

The Community Development Society (CDS) and the International Association for Community Development (IACD) have come together for the first ever joint conference in New Orleans, LA, USA on July 24-28, 2010. The conference will focus on the theme The Role of Community Development in Economic and Disaster Recovery.

The conference will offer opportunities for students, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to share experiences, expertise, and research findings on innovative strategies to improve the process and practice of community development.  Participants will witness how exciting and innovative a role community and economic development has played in rebuilding and reconnecting the community. New Orleans has tested new approaches in CD/ED and has successfully rebuilt businesses and homes using innovative practices that community developers can learn from and apply elsewhere.

The schedule for the joint conference includes over 100 presenters, 48 concurrent sessions, and enough time for attendees to get a taste of New Orleans’ flavor!  Starting on July 24, attendees can also volunteer their time to build a house for Habitat for Humanity. Conference attendees are encouraged to come a day early and volunteer your time to help give something back to New Orleans families in need.

Click here to register. The early bird rate for members is $300 until June 25, 2010. After June 25, the rate will be $350. The early bird rate for non-members is $410 until June 25. After June 25, the rate will be $460.00.

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