NYC Job Opening: National Organizing Director    

John Cavanaugh alerted me to this interesting New York City job opening today…

A national organization seeks a full-time national organizing director to lead a non-partisan citizen engagement movement that focuses on addressing America’s large and growing fiscal deficits and debt burdens. 

Organizational Setting
The organization is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future, and to accelerating action on them. As a non-partisan group, they neither lobby nor represent special interest groups.

Tackling such key nationwide fiscal responsibility issues and fostering meaningful action require a broad reach and a high impact public profile. Building a national engagement effort to educate and activate Americans across the country represents an important component of the organization’s overall strategy. The organization has significant intellectual capital, abundant resources, and the demonstrated passion to successfully pursue its aims. It is proactive and transparent regarding its mission and aspirations — in fact, it’s important to note that the organization views itself as an ‘Action Tank’, not a just a research, policy development organization, or think tank.

For more information, please contact < [email protected] >.

The Position
Located in New York City, the National Organizing Director will be responsible for the development and execution of a plan to recruit and activate a citizen engagement organization focused on addressing America’s large and growing fiscal imbalances. This position represents the first role in this new department, giving such person the ability to design and implement a significant new campaign from the beginning. The organization’s goal is to recruit and activate more than one million citizens at the grassroots level, and the group intends to take advantage of all organizing strategies and tools that are available to make this effort succeed, including traditional offline and newer online approaches. In order to achieve the desired results, this individual will need to build a team, including both internal staff and outside contractors. In addition, the team will develop partnerships with established membership organizations to support the growth of this citizens movement. This role will report to the Chief Operating Officer, but the individual will also work closely with the organization’s Chief Executive Officer as well as its Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

The National Organizing Director must have significant organizing experience, including experience at the national level with an advocacy organization or political campaign. This person arrives with the knowledge and insight that comes from having successfully managed and administered a significant prior grassroots campaigns. This individual will be hard-working, assertive and goal oriented, and will work with a high degree of purpose and focus. The successful candidate should have strong communications skills and the demonstrated ability to work effectively and productively with a variety of very bright and capable people (both internally and outside the organization). This person should have the stature and maturity to successfully represent this high profile organization. This person should have a background of working with organizations that are well-respected in their fields of endeavor, and will exude the confidence and bearing necessary to be successful in this fast-moving, high expectation and results oriented environment.

Other qualifications:
•    A minimum of five years of relevant experience is required, while more experience is preferred
•    Varied experiences in different regions of the country or with diverse citizen groups
•    Strong understanding of offline and online mobilization and coalition building
•    Demonstrated ability to work constructively with those who do not always share your cultural, political, or ideological views
•    Strong strategic thinker with flawless execution skills and attention to detail
•    Excellent communications abilities and project management skills
•    An interest and passion to address the fiscal matters that represent the mission of the organization

The position is based in New York City and will pay a competitive salary, with consideration for New York’s higher cost of living, plus health care and other employee benefits.

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