Dialogue group facilitators needed at RCP Conf. in June (Dearborn, MI)    

Here’s a timely message from NCDD member Steve Olweean, Director of the Common Bond Institute

We’re holding the 2nd Annual International Conference on Religion, Conflict, and Peace this June 11-13 at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, Michigan, and offering opportunities for experienced individuals interested in facilitating daily dialogue break-out groups.

As with all of our conferences, this conference is designed to be highly dialogic and interactive in nature, and so the program is primarily made up of workshops, topical panels/roundtables, and facilitated dialogue groups. We schedule 3 dedicated time periods each day in which we run only concurrent dialogue group breakout sessions to provide regular opportunities for processing the material offered in prepared presentations, processing the conference experience in general, and networking to form collaborative relationships. 

These 75-90 minute dialogue groups are seen as the engines of the conference that promote action planning and putting principles into practice beyond the conference, and so we ask all presenters and attendees alike to participate in them to make the best use of them. We pair up facilitators with a scribe for each of these groups to assist and note down essentials of the dialogue content, which we then compile with notes from all groups to post on our website. If desired, facilitators also sometimes team up.

For a sample of the program format and content you can view last year’s full program posted at: http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP_ProgSessions09.htm

The conference is also described in more detail at:  http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP.htm

There may also be a couple of remaining openings for workshops or topical roundtable sessions as well. If you are interested please contact me directly, given the date.

Forms for both Facilitators and Presenters are available to be copied or printed off on-line at:
– Facilitators:  http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/RCP-FacilitatorForm.pdf
– Presenters:  http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP_ProposalForm.htm

All are welcome. If there are any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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