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Group Name: Everybody!
Description: We wanted to create one group that every NCDD member is a part of, so we can easily send news and announcements out to everyone. Please don’t abuse this group or we’ll have to change it so only the group leader (Sandy) can send posts to the group. Note that when you send a message to this or any other group, all group members receive a short email alerting them that there is a new comment.
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SMantz – 3:55 PM on Oct. 1, 2007 reply | message
hi everyone. I appreciate the efforts and thoughts of everyone who is posting here. i would like to ask some brief question to perhaps utilizing this more thoroughly. Is there any way to add other fucntionalities to this website and set of webtools? Specifically, is there any way to use these for emailing all group members?

If there is not, then is anyone interested in the idea of creatijng further websites elsewhere to give these groups their maximum usefulness? For instance, Yahoo groups makes it very easy to set up a group email list. If we do want to have an email list, but these groups cannot create their own, that might be one way to go. Of course, if a group has not interest in that, there would be no need, but my point is that groups should be fee to think up the best ways that they can realistically grow, and communicate, and then be free to find a few good ways to do so.

So what do people here think about that? Specifically, the idea to add new functionalities, and which kinds to look at, and the idea to create them elsewhere if doing so would be helful? thanks.
JSpady – 2:51 PM on Sep. 27, 2007 reply | message
Hello to all NCDD members! There is lots happening in my Northwest corner of the United States (Seattle and King County) and I encourage all group members to post a quick update about what they are excited about locally, regionally, "to infinity and beyond!" 🙂

For me, I am excited about the new King County "Countywide Community Forums" that was recently enacted by a unanimous vote of the King County Council. The new law encourages people who live or work in King County to become official, volunteer, "Citizen Councilors" and to meet with other Councilors to talk about important county topics and feed back their opinions on the issues. See for more information — and coming soon, a web page under
JDiceman – 12:46 PM on Sep. 26, 2007 reply | message
Hello NCDD members

We now have this wonderful NCDDnetwork tool for sharing experiences and discussing ideas. To help get things started I have posted to my member blog an article:
Was the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly the Most Democratic Process in History?

I know it may sound a bit overblown but I stand by it and await for all you folks with more insight and experience to prove the claim wrong and put the Ontario experiment in a more accurate context. This is especially important as we Ontarians approach the October 10th referendum on the recommendation of this Assembly process.

So login to…
and then read the argument and post your comments at…

I’ll feature the authors of the best counter and supporting arguments on my site, and most likely a future articles I am writing for and others.

I look forward to your comments.


Jason Diceman Co-op Tools
[email protected]
416-538-2667 1-866-519-co-op
Free group decision-making handbook at