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Group Name: NCDD’s Mentorship Group
Description: Join this group if you are interested in finding an NCDD member who can serve as your Mentor, provide you with moral support and advice, and help you gain footing in the field. Also join if you’re interested in serving as a Mentor to someone who is new to the field and can use your help. And be sure to read the first couple of posts to see how to begin (they’re below any newer posts).
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SandyHeierbacher – 11:17 PM on Mar. 5, 2008 reply | message
After you have a mentor or mentee, schedule a call with them (or meeting, if you’re in the same area) and decide what you’d like to do… Perhaps you’d like to work on a project together. Maybe you’d like to meet monthly or talk on the phone monthly. Maybe the mentee has some specific challenges you can advise them on, or perhaps you just want to be available to each other as-needed. You decide!
SandyHeierbacher – 11:13 PM on Mar. 5, 2008 reply | message
So here’s how this works… If you are interested in being a MENTEE (finding a Mentor to support/advise you as you gain footing in this field), it is up to you to (1) look over the group members for people interested in serving as a Mentor, (2) identify someone you’d be interested in working with, (3) contacting them, telling them about you and asking if they would be interested in mentoring you, and (4) letting us know who you’re paired with.