WaltRoberts is working on a Portland NCDD Event: Community Engagement+Sustainability
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My Personal Info
Full Name: Walt Roberts
NCDD Member Since: Apr. 12, 2010
About Me: I am a partner with Transformation Systems International and on the core team of the Transpartisan Alliance. I’ve had extensive experience working with groups, institutions and communities that are working to generate their future together strategically, intentionally and collaboratively. I offer innovative and often unique approaches to the design and orchestration of alliances, coalitions, forums, conferences, keypad polling assisted deliberation and decision making, citizen engagement processes, societal shift movements and generative change initiatives.
My Interest Areas: transformation, transpartisan, engagement, public involvement, community engagement, generative engagement, participative design, sustainability, social innovation, change, performance, integration,
My Work
Organization Name: Transformation Systems International (TSI)
Title / Position: Generative Engagement and Change Initiatives
Description: TSI Is a diverse community of professionals who enjoy working, learning, and growing together. Our common interest is centered around integrating Leading Transformational Change Leadership, Generative Engagement Processes and Breakthrough Performance Initiaives.

TSI works with organizations of all forms to transform to new levels of effectiveness. Our product is performance. We partner with government, business and non-profits of all sizes. We also engage with organizations that are more loosely defined such as associations, networks, communities and large scale movements.

TSI is also a founding member of The Performance Center (TPC, a 501 C3) a community of inquiry similarly focused on Leading Transformational Change at all scales.

What I Attend To and Intend To Impact:

Context: Ability and means to see the larger system (Whole Systems/Integral/ The Human Commons)

Complexity: Ability to see patterns and appreciate multiple perspectives on the topics of common concern. (The simplicity on the other side of complexity)

Civility: Transcending feelings and tones of aggression, hostility and divisiveness ( Communicating and relating responsibly and authentically)

Citizen Empowerment: Awakening and enabling the citizen side of citizen/consumer (Engaged, Leadership, Agency)

Community and Civic Agency: Enhancing our sense of relatedness and influence in regard to our place and those who share it (Structure for Belonging, Social Capital)

Creative Convening: The art and science of inviting, conversing and making connections (Creating Opportunities to Cooperate and Collaborate)

Creative Partnerships: Integrating the profound and the practical processes for “Generative” interaction and collaborative partnerships (Dialogue, Deliberation and Decision Making)

Cooperative Solutions, Governance and Public Policy: Whole systems solutions, projects, programs and policies that are elegant, workable and sustainable answers/responses to wicked challenges and opportunities.

The Services I provide:

* Breakthrough Meetings with Keypad Polling; Overcoming the normal limits of large-group process with the purposeful and expert use of electronic, audience response, keypad polling technology

* Sourcing Circles and Collaborative Design Services; Bringing transformation, sourcing/presencing, and generative frameworks and processes to the work of any collaborative design team as they co-create any dialogue and deliberation process, event, meeting, summit, change initiative, alliance development and/or coalition building

* Generative Process Design, Orchestration and Facilitation; Frame, theme, purpose and process design, orchestration and facilitation for strategic planning meetings, conferences, summits, town halls, public hearings, open houses, community meetings and all sorts of large-group dialogue, deliberation and decision making events

* Transboundary Convening Design; Special services and tools for bringing disparate and divided groups together to find common ground, build bridges and forge unlikely partnerships.

* Alliance and Coalition Design, Facilitation and Development; Applying generative process services to the creation of more formal and enduring entities.

* On-Line Social Networking, Information Sharing and Collaboration Integration; Identifying and implementing the right set of (existing, popular and usually free) internet based spaces, services and tools to work in concert with face to face meetings and vice verse.

* Integral Forum Design; Connecting, integrating and aligning multiple conveners, conferences and on-line collaboration spaces/tools over time to make critical connections within and between topic “silos” (all of the previously described services come in to play for this)
Other Organizations: * Transformation Systems International, LLC (Partner)
* The Performance Center, a 501 C3 (Board Memebr)
* Cogan Owens Cogan, LLC (Associate)
* The Transpartisan Alliance, LLC (Core Team)
* Changing the Game (in formulation)
* Generative Engagement Forum (in formulation)
Where to Find My Work: About Walt Tab on my web site:
My Favorite Links:
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 503-335-3200
Website URL:
Street Address: 1722 NE Clackamas Street
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Zip or Country Code: 97232
NCDD Involvement
Member Type: Individual Member (dues-paying)
Mentorship Program: N/A
I’d like to: I’m working with Tod Sloan in Portland Oregon to design an on-going “integral forum” exploring Generative Community/Public Engagement. In concert with that we are in the early stages of planning and organizing an NCDD 2010 Event in Portland. This collaborative Forum and Conference project could provide a structure and prototype for on-going NCDD activities (online and F2F) in Portland.

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