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Get ready for NCDD’s Regional Events this fall!

  • Denver, Colorado – The Wellshire Inn on Friday, October 22nd
  • San Francisco Bay Area, California – De Anza College on Friday, October 29th
  • Boston, Massachusetts – UMass Boston on Friday, October 29th
  • Austin, Texas – St. Edwards on Friday, November 5th
  • Portland, Oregon – Concordia University on Saturday, November 13th

The Politics of the Brokenhearted: a conference with Parker J. Palmer    

John Fenner, senior associate with Everyday Democracy and program director for the Center for Courage & Renewal, asked me to share an announcement with you.

This October 21-24, the Center for Courage & Renewal in conjunction with Courage & Renewal Northeast will be hosting Parker J. Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach, Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness and others, for a conference and retreat on the The Politics of the Brokenhearted: The Future of Democracy in the Boston area.

This gathering is intended for 75 people who want to reclaim the heart of American democracy and help heal the deep divides that threaten it. We will explore practical approaches to helping ourselves and others hold our political conflicts in ways that can help renew the quality of our civic conversation and the promise of our democratic institutions.

Registration starts at $1000 (for program and meals without overnight stay). Learn more at

September 2nd Monthly Update from NCDD    

If you didn’t see this in your inbox yesterday, please subscribe to the monthly Updates list of the National Coalition for dialogue & Deliberation at

Hi, everyone! Did you know that NCDD members are organizing regional events in 5 cities across the U.S. this fall?

Join Us at NCDD’s Upcoming Regional Events

I hope you can join us at the event closest to you! Learn more about the events (and register) at Most events are just $85 for the day ($70 for NCDD members and $42 for students).

  • Denver, Colorado at the Wellshire Inn – Friday, October 22, 2010
  • San Francisco, California at De Anza College – Friday, October 29, 2010
  • Boston, Massachusetts at UMass Boston – Friday, October 29, 2010
  • Austin, Texas at St. Edward’s University – Friday, November 5, 2010
  • Portland, Oregon at Concordia University – Saturday, November 13, 2010
  • A follow-up event is also in the works for spring 2011 in Washington, DC.

The events will focus on connecting practitioners, community leaders and public managers to help build knowledge and capacity in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement regionally.

Consider Sponsoring One or All of the Events!

A number of great organizations and leaders in our field are stepping up and supporting the fall events by becoming sponsors. We are especially grateful to our All-Star Sponsors, which at this point include AmericaSpeaks, the Citizens in Charge Foundation, and the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Our Sponsors and Partners will help strengthen local capacity to bridge divides and solve complex community challenges in the regions we’re holding events. Please consider signing on for one of these three sponsorship levels:

  • All-Star Sponsor: Sponsor all of NCDD’s regional events with your contribution of $1,500 or more
  • Sponsor: Sponsor the event in your region for $500 (or sponsor more than one event at $400 each)
  • Partner: Be a Partner for the event in your region for $250

Learn more about sponsorship levels and benefits at

Check out NCDD’s new Resource Center

After a painfully long hiatus, our resources are back online at Nearly 2,500 (yep – 2,500) dialogue and deliberation case studies, articles, methods, discussion guides, videos, evaluation tools and programs are listed! And our must-see Beginner’s Guide, Quick-Reference Glossary, and Best-of-the-Best Resources are the first links you’ll see in the sidebar… so please check it out.

Headlines from the News & Perspectives Blog

Though we’re focusing this Update on our upcoming events, the NCDD blog (at is still a great place to stay up-to-date on opportunities and news in our growing field. Here are the latest headlines:

  • Kansas State Univ’s ICDD adopts “JPD”
  • PBS films on mosque controversy now online
  • Portland City Council adopts Public Involvement Principles
  • Question on NCDD Forum about online engagement
  • Civic Reflection Facilitation Training Workshops
  • Featured NCDD Member: Healthy Democracy Oregon
  • Alberta Climate Dialogue hiring a Project Manager

And in case you don’t know, you can stay on top of NCDD blog posts and new resources added to the NCDD Resource Center by joining the NCDD Group on LinkedIn.

Upcoming Changes to NCDD’s Website

The NCDD website has been online at since 2002. Its predecessor, the Dialogue to Action Initiative website went online in 1998. In the past 12 years we’ve updated the site five times… and it’s time to do it again. We’ve been listening to the needs and interests of our members and have spent the summer rolling out a new design and a few new features at our “new url” (including the new NCDD Forum, check it out!) Over the next few months we’ll be moving our news blog and members listings, and we’re really excited to offer our community a new site in 2011!

Discounts for Dues-Paying NCDD Members

In the sidebar of our monthly updates, we list the great discounts our dues-paying members are eligible for.  You can view them at

NCDD dues are just $50/year ($100 for organizations), and many of these discounts save you hundreds! Go to for more details on these trainings. Or go to to become a dues-paying NCDD member and benefit from these great discounts!

Bold Ideas for Public Engagement with Congress    

If you are interested in improving how citizens and Congress communicate, I’d like to point you to the Open Model for Citizen Engagement (OM4CE), started by Wayne Burke, the visionary executive director of the Open Forum Foundation.

Whether you are involved with elected representatives at the federal, state, or local level, there are some bold ideas swirling around in these conversations that you’ll probably find as intriguing as I do.  Person-for-person, this is the most inspired group of optimists and realists I have met who care passionately about doing something to improve public engagement on Capitol Hill. (more…)

Kansas State Univ’s ICDD adopts Journal for Public Deliberation    

In an article released today, Journal for Public Deliberation editor Ted Becker announced that he is leaving the post of Coordinating Editor of the Journal, which will now be housed at Kansas State University’s Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (ICDD). The new editors of the 7-year journal (both NCDD members) are Drs. Tim Steffensmeier and David Procter of Kansas State University. They are both professors, administrators and authors in the Communications Studies Department at KSU and they will serve as the new Coordinating Editors.

The article also talks about plans to JPD to put more of an emphasis on the teaching of public deliberation in various fields in higher education. Read Ted’s full article, titled An Innovation for JPD and a Transition: The Profession and a Confession of an Editor at

PBS films on mosque controversy now online    

We just heard from our friends at 20,000 Dialogues about this excellent collection of resources focusing on the recent controversy involving the construction of a Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City…

“We have created, a new website where you can view several of our award-winning PBS films online, in their entirety, at no cost. We have chosen these films because they speak directly to the issue. They include: “Talking through Walls: How the Struggle to Build a Mosque United a Community”, “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet” and “Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think”.”

“In addition, as part of our ongoing 20,000 Dialogues project (, you and your friends can get free DVD’s and discussion guides of these films to show in book clubs, classrooms, and houses of worship. Finally, to bolster the impact of our online efforts, we are working with PBS stations around the country to rebroadcast these films.”

“Whatever your position on the specifics of the Community Center, all Americans need to take the time to understand the broader issues at stake, get to know our American Muslim neighbors, and remember our nation’s highest principles.  Through this process, we will all come out better.  Please share these films with your friends and colleagues, and help promote peace.”

Portland City Council adopts Public Involvement Principles    

Below is an August 16, 2010 news release from our friends at the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Portland is pretty ahead of the curve, in my opinion… On August 4th, the Portland City Council unanimously adopted public involvement principles to guide the City’s public involvement processes on August 4.  The principles are designed to explain what the public can expect from City government.  Principles include partnership, early involvement, building relationships and community capacity, inclusiveness and equity, good quality process design and implementation, transparency, and accountability. (more…)

Question on NCDD Forum about online engagement    

For those who don’t know, we’re using NCDD’s recently-relaunched forum at to gather materials and insights on the 3 focus areas for our one-day regional events in Austin, Boston, Denver, San Francisco and Portland.

Matt Leighninger (Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium), who’s working on a report on online engagement, just posted a question in the forum that he’d love your responses to.  Matt’s question asks whether you agree that there are two main ways of thinking about online engagement:  go where they are (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or create an online space and convene people there.  He asks, “Is this a fair assessment of the two main approaches? Is it too stark a contrast – perhaps most real-world projects fall somewhere in between? What are their relative strengths and weaknesses? Is there a third approach? (and a fourth?)”

Using the forum is easy:  go to and click on the link to Register (if you used to participate in NCDD’s old forum, you can just log in). Then click on the title of the 4th topic down (Effective Online Engagement), click into Matt’s post and respond.

Civic Reflection Facilitation Training Workshops    

The Project on Civic Reflection will be holding two Facilitation Training Workshops in Northern California during the first week in November. The two-day workshops, hosted by Cal Corps Public Service Center (Berkeley) and California Campus Compact (Daly City), are open to interested individuals and organizations. Workshop participants may include program directors, teachers, faculty members, students, service-learning staff, national service groups, community partners, and anyone wanting to deepen community and commitment in their organizations.

NCDD Member Discounts!

You’ll find more information in this informational flyer, including a registration form. Dues-paying NCDD members pay only $225, a 10% discount off the already low registration fee of $250. Please note on the registration form that you are an NCDD member.

Participants will gain hands-on facilitation skills taught by expert trainers and be equipped to lead civic reflection discussions in their communities. They will also receive a facilitation handbook with tips and answers to frequently asked questions, a copy of The Civically Engaged Reader, and program consultation and ongoing support.

Please submit the registration form to Debbie Garbukas at [email protected]. If you have questions, please contact Kelli Covey at [email protected] or at 312.750.1760. Registration closes on October 1, so register soon!

Today’s Featured NCDD Member: Healthy Democracy Oregon    

The following post by NCDD members Tyrone Reitman and Elliot Shuford of Healthy Democracy Oregon is part of an ongoing effort to highlight the extraordinary people and groups involved in the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD). We encourage you to add a comment here today (or anywhere else you see a post about this).  Tyrone and Elliot will be watching NCDD’s blog, listserv, facebook and other social media, and will respond to any questions or comments you have.

Hi, NCDD Community – Tyrone Reitman and Elliot Shuford of Healthy Democracy Oregon here. We’re just winding down a major phase of our project, the Citizens’ Initiative Review, and we wanted to share some of what we’re doing and learning with the NCDD community.

We’re pioneering an historic first for deliberative democracy in the U.S. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time a model of deliberative democracy relying upon random sampling has ever been legislatively empowered and directly tied to an election in this way in the United States.

All day today (Wednesday, August 18th) we’ll be watching NCDD’s social media (blog, listserv, facebook group, linkedin group and twitter feed) so we can answer any questions you have about what we’ve been up to — and so we can learn about what you’re doing.

First, a little background:

We (Tyrone Reitman and Elliot Shuford) formed Healthy Democracy Oregon in early 2007. We were colleagues from the University of Oregon’s Public Policy Master’s Program. While in graduate school in 2003, we studied methods of citizen deliberation and democratic reform policies. A few short years later we began discussing with Ned Crosby and Pat Benn of the Jefferson Center a new proposal for using the Citizen Jury method of public deliberation to evaluate ballot measures (or propositions) as a way to provide voters with clear, useful, and trustworthy information at election time.

In 2007 and 2008 we met with legislators, refined our legislative proposal, and ran a full scale test of the Citizens’ Initiative Review process. In 2009, we successfully lobbied the Oregon Legislature to officially use the Citizens’ Initiative Review process during the 2010 general election. From August 9th – 20th, Healthy Democracy Oregon is conducting two Citizens’ Initiative Reviews; the results of which will be published and distributed to every voting household in Oregon as a prominent new part of the official statewide Voters’ Pamphlet published by the Secretary of State. Following this pilot project, a research team led by John Gastil, and funded by a $218K grant from the National Science Foundation will determine the impact of the Citizens’ Initiative Review on the election.

Now, to the Citizens’ Initiative Review:

The CIR is an adaptation of the well established Citizens Jury process to evaluate ballot measures (or propositions). Over five days, 24 randomly selected and demographically balanced voters hear from advocates and experts, deliberate, and provide an evaluation to be sent to every voter. You can learn more about the CIR and Healthy Democracy Oregon here on our website.

The first Citizens’ Initiative Review, conducted last week, was a big success. It was a review of a measure requiring mandatory minimum sentences for certain sex crimes and repeat drunk drivers. You can read about it in Oregon’s three largest newspapers here, here, and here.

This week we’re running a second CIR on a measure to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. You can check out the live stream here, or get updates about it via Facebook and Twitter.

I look forward to discussing the CIR and more with the NCDD community today. Thanks again to Sandy Heierbacher for helping create this opportunity to share what we’re doing here in Oregon.

Best regards,

Tyrone Reitman and Elliot Shuford

Healthy Democracy Oregon
[email protected] and [email protected]

Alberta Climate Dialogue hiring a Project Manager    

I just heard from NCDD member David Kahane today that the groundbreaking Alberta Climate Dialogue project is looking to hire a Project Manager to be based in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).

They will begin considering applications on August 27, 2010 and continue until the position is filled. The Project Manager will support the activities of a new and innovative project—the Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) —in the areas of financial and budget management, organizational and event planning, research coordination, fund development, and communication and outreach. Download the full position description here: ABCD-ProjectMgrDescription. (more…)

Your ideas needed for NCDD’s fall events    

Those of you on NCDD’s Updates list saw a message about this yesterday. NCDD is working with our members to hold 5 regional events this fall: In Denver (Oct 22), the San Francisco Bay Area (Oct 29), Boston (Oct 29), Austin (Nov 5) and Portland (Nov 13). I hope you can join us at one of these regional events!

We’re conducting a quick 10-question survey of potential attendees (and others who want to share ideas) about the 3 topic areas we’re focusing on: quality public engagement, online engagement, and collaborations that work.

Would you mind taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas on these 3 topics with members of our local planning teams? Your participation will help them design more valuable and productive events!

The survey is online at

If you complete the survey by the end of the day on Friday (Aug. 13), you will have a chance to win one of the following books written and donated by NCDD members (14 respondents will win a book!):

  • The Wisdom of Group Decisions by Craig Freshley (3 of these will be awarded!)
  • The Leaderful Fieldbook:  Strategies and Activities for Developing Leadership in Everyone by Joe Raelin
  • Communicating Across The Divides In Our Everyday Lives by Don Schneider (3 copies will be awarded)
  • Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love by Adrian Segar
  • Standing in the Fire: Leading High-Heat Meetings with Clarity, Calm, and Courage by Larry Dressler
  • Next Generation Democracy: What the Open-Source Revolution Means for Power Politics, and Change by Jared Duval (3 copies will be awarded, and sent in Oct/Nov when published)
  • United We Fall by Phil Neisser
  • Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People by Jim Rough

The survey will primarily ask you your thoughts and ideas on the following 3 topics:

  • Quality Public Engagement: What is quality public engagement and how do we educate others about it so it becomes broadly adapted?
  • Online Engagement: What new tools are available and how do they support effective engagement?
  • Collaborations that Work: How can we strengthen connections between public administrators, engagement practitioners and the public?

Feel free to share this post with your colleagues and encourage them to complete the survey as well.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

New book by Joe Raelin on developing leadership in everyone    

NCDD member Joe Raelin recently published a new book he’d like NCDDers to know about, titled “The Leaderful Fieldbook: Strategies and Activities for Developing Leadership in Everyone.”  Joe will be giving out a free copy of the book to one respondent (randomly selected) of an NCDD survey we’re about to launch related to our fall events.

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

As NCDDers already know well, the flattened network world demands a new type of leadership: one that is collective and collaborative, where solutions and vision are co-created by everyone. Although foreshadowed in Joe Raelin’s Creating Leaderful Organizations, the practical application of collective leadership remains a mystery to many practicing managers and professionals.

It is evident that the development of leaderful organizations cannot happen overnight; in fact, we need agents to emerge to help us learn how to change longstanding regressive organizational cultures into more leaderful communities. When we say “leaderful,” we refer to leadership practices that are collective and concurrent – people can serve as leaders all together and at the same time.

The Leaderful Fieldbook is designed for these change agents – coaches, facilitators, OD consultants, and weavers – wishing to embark with their clients on a leaderful journey across a range of levels – from individual to network – and adopting a style of collective engagement that matches the democratic processes that they are seeking to produce. The fieldbook presents the most practical of recommendations to promote dialogue in the form of an array of exercises that can be adopted immediately across these multiple levels of experience. It also features a set of cases that demonstrate the use of the exercises in each of these levels – individual, interpersonal, team, organizational, and social network.

One of the cases in the network chapter is co-written by long-time NCDD member Rosa Zubizarreta, and also in this same chapter is an exercise on network weaving based on the Core Principles of Public Engagement co-developed by NCDD, IAP2, and the Co-Intelligence Institute. For more information, please consult the fieldbook’s website at

About the Author:

JOE RAELIN holds the Asa S. Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education at Northeastern University where he is also Professor of Management and Organization Development. His research has focused on the practice of management in such areas as managing professionals, collective leadership, and work-based learning.

Check out our “Beginner’s Guide” page    

I wanted to encourage everyone to visit this page on the new site:

It’s our “Beginner’s Guide,” and it lists and links to some of the best resources NCDD offers, including…

  • our Engagement Streams framework for helping people determine which methods fit their circumstances
  • the collaboratively-created Core Principles for Public Engagement
  • the town hall articles and flyer we developed for public managers last year
  • a glossary of terms
  • pages full of quotes about D&D

This is a great page to share with colleagues who are newer to dialogue and deliberation!

Also, for those who use the NCDD site frequently, take note of the new bottom bar.  Andy Fluke (our Creative Director), finished the bottom bar for the new site design yesterday, and it’s gorgeous and highly functional.  We’re moving a lot of navigation to the bottom of the page (administrative links, popular pages, etc.) to keep the site simpler at the top.  It also includes links to our fall events, social media buttons so people can follow us on facebook, linkedin, youtube, etc. (note: the youtube link goes to all the playlists I created of D&D videos on youtube), and a brief description of NCDD.

Welcome to July’s new NCDD members!    

11 new members joined the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) during the month of July: 1 organizational member and 10 individuals (2 dues-paying and 8 non-dues). 2 non-dues members became full dues-paying members, and 22 of our dues-paying members renewed their memberships (1 organization and 21 individuals). Thanks everybody, and welcome to our new members!

We post these monthly summaries not only to welcome our new members and to thank those who re-upped, but also to help members connect with one another. Click on anyone’s name below to learn more about them and connect with them.

Our new organizational member:

Conflict Resolution Institute (Tamra Pearson D’Estrée and Karen Feste)

Our 10 new individual members (some dues-paying and some non-dues) are:

  1. Janice Thomson, EU Public Engagement Advisor of Involve
  2. Joel Denis, Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs at the Public Health Agency
  3. Nicole Reade, University of Sydney
  4. Maria Rubio, Human Rights Commission Inter-Group Dialogues
  5. Elizabeth Hudson, University of Michigan
  6. Jennifer Mair, Public Dialogue Consortium
  7. Janice Son, Public Dialogue Consortium
  8. Gregory Crowley, Coro Center for Civic Leadership Pittsburgh
  9. Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, City of Portland, Parks & Recreation
  10. Timothy Shaffer, Graduate Student at Cornell University

We also had 2 of our existing members become full dues-paying members last month, which we greatly appreciate! They are:

  1. Laura Keir, Conservation Ecology Student at Sterling College
  2. Michael Sayler, Owner of Praxis One Consulting

In the month of July, 22 NCDDers renewed their memberships. 1 organizational member renewed:

And 21 people renewed as dues-paying individual members, and those are:

  1. Tina Nabatchi at the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Syracuse University
  2. Tamyra Freeman, professional facilitator in Indianapolis, IN
  3. Greg Nelson, Retired General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Los Angeles)
  4. Tim Steffensmeier at Kansas State University
  5. Regina Sneed at the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
  6. Peggy Holman with Open Circle Company and Open Space Institute
  7. Marty Jacobs at Systems In Sync
  8. Lou Klepner at Gateway to Gov
  9. Caroline Lee at Lafayette College
  10. Polly Riddims with Fusion Partnerships, Inc.
  11. Lyn Carson with Centre for Citizenship & Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney
  12. Rosalind Spigelf of the Jewish Dialogue Group
  13. Jennifer Meigs at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs
  14. Jacquie Dale with One World, Inc.
  15. Hina Pendle at US Partners: Personal & Collective Evolution
  16. Folorunsho Moshood at the Kettering Foundation
  17. Theo Brown with AmericaSpeaks
  18. Arjun Singh of British Columbia, Canada
  19. Andrew Russell at the United Nations Development Program
  20. Alice Warner-Mehlhorn at the WK Kellogg Foundation
  21. Avril Orloff, Graphic Facilitator

Welcome and thanks, everyone!

To learn about other NCDD members (there are 1,297 of us now!), find members in your state or city, etc., visit the NCDD members network at

And to see if your membership is in good standing, search for yourself in the members network and look at what’s in the Member Type field in your profile. If it says “lapsed” or “non-dues-paying,” please consider becoming a current dues-paying member (see payment details here). You can also email office manager Joy Garman at [email protected] if you have questions about your status, need payment instructions, or want to change the info on your profile page.

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25% discount for NCDD members on new Dotmocracy handbook    

Handbook imageNCDD member Jason Diceman, a Senior Public Consultation Coordinator with the City of Toronto, has released a new version of his Dotmocracy Handbook: A simple tool to help large groups find agreement.

The Dotmocracy Handbook provides a unique set of easy-to-follow instructions for finding useful agreements among many people. At its core is the deceptively simple Dotmocracy sheet, which is a paper based facilitation tool designed to provide participants with equal opportunity to contribute to a reliable and transparent large group decision-making process.

C2D2′s Rob Janousek says this about the handbook:

An ingenious framework for participatory groups. Jason Diceman outlines the use of a very valuable tool for group based decision making in the Dotmocracy Handbook. This approach is a great way to ensure that amongst a large, heterogeneous group of stakeholders, everyone has an opportunity to express ideas and propose solutions on equal footing.

You can download a free PDF of the complete handbook at:

Jason has also offered members of NCDD a 25% discount on orders of printed versions of the book.

With its glossy cover, standard book binding and higher resolution photos, the print version of the handbook is ideal for educational institutions, professional learning and impressing clients.

To order print copies…

  • Full colour version for $11.21 CDN, go to and click “Add to Cart” then apply discount code: MJP6K7AG
  • Black & white version for $7.46 CDN, go to and click “Add to Cart” then apply discount code: YJAFNSHK
  • Alternatively, you can get the print version at normal price from, at:

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