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My Personal Info
Full Name: Avril Orloff
NCDD Member Since: Mar. 2, 2005
About Me: When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by a story about a little girl who had a magic pencil. Whatever she drew with her magic pencil came to life and became real. I always wanted to have a pencil like that. In the past year I’ve been building a practice as a graphic facilitator, and realize that my childhood dream has come true: I now have that magic pencil! In my case, it’s a palette of magic markers – but the outcome is the same: when I put my markers to paper in a roomful of people, whatever they say takes shape in an image and becomes somehow more real. I’m keen to use this new-found skill to enliven meetings and enable people to see "the big picture" – literally. I believe that adding a visual dimension to conversations taps into more creative ways of thinking about the issues and engages people at a more visceral level than can be achieved through just words. So far, most of my work has been done in visioning and planning meetings, for a variety of civic and community organizations. My dream is to also find ways to apply this work to conflict resolution, and to connect with others who are involved in arts-based dialogue/ community engagement/conflict resolution. I’m a big fan of World Cafe and Open Space, had a Transformative Experience doing forum theatre, and find magic in making music with others – especially mingling voices in harmony. If that’s not dialogue, I don’t know what is!
My Interest Areas: Graphic facilitation, conflict resolution, World Cafe, Open Space, using the arts in dialogue…I’m sure I will think of more!
My Work
Title / Position: Graphic facilitator
Where to Find My Work: You can find samples of my work on my blog at
My Favorite Links: Great links for graphic facilitators include The Center for Graphic Facilitation at and Christina Merkley’s website at The Public Conversations Project ( has great downloadable resources for convening difficult dialogues. The World Cafe ( is a great place to hang out. Just Vision ( inspires me. I unleash my inner Jackson Pollock at (try it, you’ll love it!)
My Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 604-876-8418
Website URL:
Street Address: #213 – 3480 Main Street
City: Vancouver
State/Province: BC
Country (if not U.S.): Canada
Zip or Country Code: V5V 3N2
NCDD Involvement
NCDD 2008 Attendee: Not yet
NCDD 2006 Attendee: Yes
NCDD 2004 Attendee: No
NCDD 2002 Attendee: No
Other involvement: C2D2 2005 attendee, registered (and on planning team) for C2D2 2007. OK, it’s not NCDD involvement, but it’s almost the same…
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A few samples of my graphic recording work
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